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    Hello all need a bit of help identifying name of song

    I think it's fair to say she's allowing the students to record from the back for learning purposes, and she probably did it for them from the front as well. I doubt she intended anyone to put it on YouTube.
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    Karim Nagi and Ava Fleming: Orewa, Auckland, April 2014

    Hey there! The Middle Eastern Dance Association of New Zealand is excited to be hosting Karim Nagi and Ava Fleming at its annual festival next year, April 24-27 2014. The *festival will be held in beautiful Orewa, on the Hibiscus Coast! This is a great opportunity to combine a Kiwi holiday...
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    My eyes are dim....

    ... I cannot see posts any more! When I open a thread, the first post in particular is just a large blank space. This bug is new. I'm on Chrome, which has been fine till today.
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    Ranya Renee: Christchurch New Zealand 2012!

    I am excited to announce that Ranya Renee of NYC will be flying to Christchurch direct from her workshops at WAMED in Perth for her first-ever New Zealand workshops, June 8-10 2012! This will be a fantastic opportunity for our Kiwi dancers to work with Ranya, who I met at the IBCC last year -...