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  1. chryssanthi sahar

    Belly Dancers over 40

    Hi ladies. I created a new page in facebook with title "Belly Dancers over 40". There are quit some prejudices about dance in general and belly dance in particular: through main stream media dance appears to be some kind of erotic entertainment, or just some moving decoration for singers and...
  2. chryssanthi sahar

    Arabian Night with Live Music in Heidelberg,13th April 2013 Germany

    An extraordinary event, which takes place only once a year, organized by Chryssanthi Sahar krlOmxbLBtk Next Arabian Night with Live Music: Saturday 13th April 2013 Music: Arabian band Al Sharq (Amal,Magdy, Assad) with Ibrahim Abu Hassan Belly Dancing: Chryssanthi Sahar, Lydia Salome, Olga...
  3. chryssanthi sahar

    Chryssanthi's Balkan Gypsy Fantasy Video

    2No2tP8-ENI Hi Ladies. Here is a non typical video of mine: Balkan Gypsy Fantasy. I hope you like it ;)
  4. chryssanthi sahar

    Long time no see

    Hi there, here is Chryssanthi. I haven't been active on BD-forum for quite some years, but I'd like to show up again and participate discussion and just have again more contact to the community. Hugs. Chryssanthi Sahar :D
  5. chryssanthi sahar

    Chryssanthi Sahar visits San Fransisco

    Hi there. Sorry for not showing up for such a long time:( I've got extremely busy since I opened my own studio and there is hardly time left for postings and discussions. I hope I'll find some time for it soon again. I have a question: is there anybody from San Fransisco/Bay Area here? I'm going...
  6. chryssanthi sahar

    Chryssanthi's Greek Fantasy

    Hi friends. Here is another brand new video of mine. It is something I presented for the first time on stage. It is not really belly dance, rather fusion of different things. I'm dancing a sad Greek ballad called "Meno ektos" (I am left outside) sung by the famous Greek singer Eleftheria...
  7. chryssanthi sahar

    New video: Chryssanthi dancing Oum Kalsoum

    Hi folks. Here is my newest video on youtube: I am dancing Oum Kalsoum's "Ana fi intazarak". It is from my last Oriental Flow show in November. QobdKK_dY48&feature=email
  8. chryssanthi sahar

    Tribal Fusion duett with light pois, by Lydia+Shirin

    Hi friends. Here is a video of my daughter Lydia Salome and her friend Shirin dancing a Tribal Fusion duett with light pois. I hope you like it. 9fQ5z4YFQwc&eurl
  9. chryssanthi sahar

    Chryssanthi's cosmic pic

    Hi friends. Here is one photoshopped picture from my last Oriental Flow show. I think the photographer did a good job, what do you think? And one pic of me and my girls, also from the last O.F. show:
  10. chryssanthi sahar

    Chryssanthi's Oriental Flow Special Benefit Gala

    Hi friends. I have a new event coming: Oriental Flow Special Benefit Gala in Heidelberg, with me and my ensemble. ORIENTAL FLOW SPECIAL Benefit-gala with old and new highlights SUNDAY, 8. MARCH, 8p.m. Place: TIKK-Theater im Karlstorbahnhof Am Karlstor 1, 69117 Heidelberg Entrance fee: 14€ (...
  11. chryssanthi sahar

    Pics from Chryssanthi's Oriental Flow, November

    Hi friends. Here are some pictures of my last Oriental Flow show "The calling of the drum". I hope you like them. Me dancing Greek Fantasy My wonderful daughter Lydia Salome dancing her own Tribal Fusion Mix My Lydia again Me and my girls dancing drum solo improvisation Me dancing a...
  12. chryssanthi sahar

    Chryssanthi's Oriental Flow Show in Heidelberg

    Hi friends. My next Oriental Flow show is coming up soon: "Oriental Flow" Show Friday 21. + Saturday 22. November 2008 New Program: "The call of the drum" Chryssanthi Sahar presents with her ensemble the variety of belly dance: from traditional to experimental, from Greece to Middle East, a...
  13. chryssanthi sahar

    Mystery about email solved

    Hi friends. I contacted the CID, as I promised, and I know now what is going on with the mails of Barbara Thomson. Mrs Barbara Thomson is indeed a member of CID (Flamenco dancer from Argentina), who offered CID to invite dancers from all over the world to become CID members (because everybody...
  14. chryssanthi sahar

    Chryssanthi goes to London

    Hi friends from the UK. I'm going to visit London from the 25th to the 29th of July (no business, just fun trip;)). Is anybody of you in London at that time? It would be cool if we could meet for a coffee. And can anybody recommend any good belly dance event at that weekend? Anything going on...
  15. chryssanthi sahar

    Chryssanthi's "Oriental Flow", July 2008

    Hi friends. My next Oriental Flow show is coming up, with a new programme and refreshed ensemble (of course my old "stars" are still there). In case you happen to be in Germany, Heidelberg area, at that time, you are most welcome. Here is the information: Next "Oriental Flow" Show: Friday 4. +...
  16. chryssanthi sahar

    Chryssanthi's trip to Japan

    Hi friends. I came back from Japan two weeks ago, but I didn't manage to report anything about the trip before now (too much work waiting for me in my studio and preparations for the next Oriental Flow show and some other smaller shows I'm having with my students this and next month). Japan was...
  17. chryssanthi sahar

    What happened to the reputations?

    I just discovered, that all reps are gone. Were there some people having too many little green boxes, so that there was no place for them any more:lol:?
  18. chryssanthi sahar

    Pictures from Chryssanthi's Grand Opening in "Kinisis"

    Hello friends:D Sorry that I disappeared for such a long time again, but I got very busy lately, so that I hardly have the time to do things just for fun in Internet. But, I'll take my time for OD again. The grand opening was a huge success! There were very many people visiting the courses and...
  19. chryssanthi sahar

    Videos of Lydia, Chryssanthi's daughter

    Hi folks. I'm proud to present you the first videos of my daughter Lydia on youtube. I'm posting first two videos, a video with Arabian belly dance (Taksim and a folklore song) and one with a Greek fantasy dance (kind of Greek-fusion belly dance). There will follow also other videos. I hope you...
  20. chryssanthi sahar

    Grand opening in Chryssanthi Sahar's dance studio "Kinisis"

    Hello friends. I'm glad to announce the official grand opening for my dance studio "Kinisis", which is going to take place at Saturday, 12th of April. The adress of my studio is Tuermergasse 1, 69124 Heidelberg-Kirchheim, Germany. Webpage Homepage (in German) There will be free dance courses...