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  1. Maria_Aya

    Oriental Labyrinth Show, Greece Video

    Goodmorning all :) Last weekend we experienced in Athens a unique and very different oriental show. A show that raised in Greece many conversations good and bad ! But for me this means it was a big success ! In a full theatre we got "Lost" in the Oriental Labyrinth. That had one entrance but...
  2. Maria_Aya

    August Oriental Vacations at Istanbul !!

    Hi all ! If you are around summer at Europe, or even you have enough time to plan it, Ozgen from Turkey (living UK) is organizing this great week with dance and sights at Istanbul ! More info here: Oriental Istanbul - A Great Tour Combining Travel, Dance & Music
  3. Maria_Aya

    Join me in Venice Italy ! 18-19-20 March 2011

    Alo all ! One unique Oriental dance Convention in one of the most beautiful cities of the world Venice ! Join me as i'm sharing knowledge over Greek Traditional Tsifteteli (greek oriental style) and live a weekend full of art of oriental dance :) Venice Oriental Dance Convention
  4. Maria_Aya

    Teaching at Germany this week

    Hi all ! I'll be teaching at Germany, Frankfurt this weekend at Orienta Bauchtanz Treffpunkt f oriental. Bauchtanz, Baladi, Folklore und Kultur If you see me around pls speak to me ! would love to meet you ! Maria Aya :)
  5. Maria_Aya

    KAZAFY troupe - by Malema's Banat, Athens

    Hi all :) We had a blast (and alot of sweat) working for the show, but we realy enjoyed it back and on stage ! First video's from the group choreo's and my solo at the end, hope you enjoy them :) YouTube - Kazafy Show Athens - Malema's Banat & Friends Part 1 YouTube - Kazafy Troupe Show Athens...
  6. Maria_Aya

    Nesrin TopKapi at UK !!!

    Hi all !!! posting here for a great workshop, wish i was there ! Legend Turkish dancer Nesrin Topkapi in Leeds on 25th & 26th September 2010 Qamar 14 are proud to present a rare opportunity for both beginners and improvers/professionals to attend workshops with the world famous Turkish dancer...
  7. Maria_Aya

    For German speaking/reading

    Hi all !!! Here is an article by me in a german online magazine If you speak german i think you will find it interesting xoxo Maria Aya Bastet-Online OT in Griechenland
  8. Maria_Aya

    Kazafy in Athens, Greece, workshops & Show

    Hi all !!!! i'm posting here whats happening in Athens ! If you are in facebook you can see the event also from the link ! Maria Aya & Elena Dahabeya proudly present first time in Athens the Egyptian Master Teacher and First Soloist of Reda Troupe MOHAMED KAZAFY Friday 4 June 2010 (21.00)...
  9. Maria_Aya

    Ya Salam Show for JustBecause !

    Alo all !!! Just a small video from our last show "Ya Salam" from Malema's Banat! The show was dedicated to Just's a matter of life and dance | Home and we all enjoyed it and loved the cause, because... JUST BECAUSE ! We collected and send throu PayPal 570 euro (500 pounds) ...
  10. Maria_Aya

    Upcoming show, video promo

    Hi all :) Just posting a small promo video we made for our upcoming show next week. It gives an idea of the Ya Salam Show ! YouTube - Ya Salam Show by Malema's Banat Maria Aya :)
  11. Maria_Aya

    Tarab II Show, Maria Aya & Prince Kayammer

    Hi !!! Posting video's from Tarab II Show Me and Prince Kayammer for 2 hours (yes we are nuts lol) 2 years ago we decided to do this show, as wherever we were hired to dance, or invited had a strict restriction on time of the song (4 to 6 min) and this way we couldnt dance our beloved Tarab...
  12. Maria_Aya

    2010 Workshop & Show's by "Malema's Banat" Greece

    Hi all !! This is gonna be a crazy dance year for Greece !!! I'm posting the flyer with what's already announced
  13. Maria_Aya

    Dancing at Belgrade, Maria Aya

    Hi all !!! I just love love love this song !!! Had it in workshop with Lubna Emam on November NileGroup, but after had also privite lesson with her on it, that turned to be much different than the actual workshop choreo. Plus i total twisted it in my malema way of dancing lol The lyrics say: I...
  14. Maria_Aya

    Interview with Dina and Fifi

    Hi all :) found some video's that think are interesting for many of us. Dancers speak for dance and various other things Its interesting to see dancers that we admire to have a conversation ;) Dina speaking about the money ;) Gw8QztBSUNo&feature=related Fifi Abdo on the rummor of the dancers...
  15. Maria_Aya

    Jillina in Athens !!!!

    ***Workshop Schedule*** Saturday 26/9 12.00-15.00 "Contemporary Oriental" ( 3 hours) : Egyptian style choreography. Emerse yourself in this delicious music with flowing floor patterns, articulate hip work and an emphasis on instrumentation. Learn how to translate different rhythms not just...
  16. Maria_Aya

    Khaled Mahmoud in Athens !

    Hi !!! I know its a last minute posting, but i'm so glad that this weekend we are having Khaled Mahmoud for workshop and show in Athens Greece !! Hurayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Maria Aya :)
  17. Maria_Aya

    Athen's on Fire.... so sad and expected !!

    A sad tradition from the last years is repeated this year. Now its Athens turn to be burned down. Its just sad, and we are all mad. The wind is really very wild even in the city, you cant stand, it takes you. o4jiLVvOEdc
  18. Maria_Aya

    Makeup video from Ansuya !

    Hi all:) Just found this and thought to share it !! I found it very interesting TKfWgxc_F0c
  19. Maria_Aya

    Crete - girl sets fire on UK boy !!!

    Hi all !!! Last week we had this thing going on at Crete / Greece. Girl's 'revenge by flaming sambuca': Greek hailed a heroine after lap attack on Briton | Mail Online As by accident was for my vacations just 3 km of Malia, we went with my husband to see the situation... just horrible. I...
  20. Maria_Aya

    No BIG names, but great teachers/dancers

    Hi all !! We complain all the time about teachers/dancers, that they dont know what they are doing, not even their style. That start to teach very early (5 weeks wonders lol). That dont have professional behavior etc etc. Lets think positive !! I trully believe that we are at a time, that all...