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  1. Pirika Repun

    Fire sword dance

    Is this only NY, NJ, CT area or nationwide that fire sword dance become so popular? :think: Maybe I’m an Egyptian style dancer, so that’s why I don’t get these dramatic props, but fire sword is necessary for Oriental dance prop? Tray or Shamadan are not enough to impress people? Whet do you think?
  2. Pirika Repun

    Tito & Mimo

    This is my new favorite video by Tito! I guess this guy with Tito is his nephew "little Mimo" (not so little anymore ;) ) who is all grown up. I guess he is around 16 or something like that now. I heard that Mimo was more into soccer recently, but I guess he decide to perform with Tito at Nile...
  3. Pirika Repun

    Nath Keo first time in NYC, March 2012

    Tarik Sultan will host Nath Keo of Canada/Cambodia's WS and gala show on Saturday March 24th and March 25th 2012! Whether your style is Classic Oriental, American Cabaret, Fusion or Tribal. Nath Keo's Sacred Center Technique will help you expand your body and mind. Register from here: Baladi...
  4. Pirika Repun

    "Lauren of Arabia" lecture by Karim Nagi

    I found this video from one of Face Book Oriental dance pages, and I would love to shear with everybody. Karim Nagi aka Turbo Tabla speaks his mind. I totally agree with what he said about "Belly Dance" where originated in Egypt, but represented by English word. Even not many Oriental dancers...
  5. Pirika Repun

    Tito & Randa!

    Tito and Randa! (NOT Randa & Tito for me :cool:) VauXwyJhfmk
  6. Pirika Repun

    Roller Skate fusion

    I never think about this fusion.... mh8JwK-Y7U0&feature
  7. Pirika Repun

    Tito's new costume

    I went Yousry Sharif's weeklong gala show last Thursday, and saw Tito. I loved his performance very much, BUT....... what can I say for his costume..... I didn't have my camera with me, so I didn't take any photos, but found one of his costume photos from Facebook.... Weeeeeeeeellllll he had...
  8. Pirika Repun

    Tarik Sultan 25th Anniversary Gala Celebration!

    Tarik will celebrate his 25th anniversary as dancer/performer/teacher with his students and special guests: Rayhana, Aviva Khadra and Altagracia Celebrate his anniversary and his first ever students show! :) :dance: Date: December 5th (Sun) Time: 6:00PM - 8:30PM (Door open 5:00PM) Place: The...
  9. Pirika Repun

    Tarik Sultan at Sullivan room

    If you live in NYC and tri state area, come join Tarik and his students at Sullivan room on Thursday August 19th. 8:00PM to 11:00PM Tarik and his students will perform with live Middle Eastern Music with: Jerry Bezdikian (kanun) Dick Barsamian (ud) esse Kotansky (violin) Marissa Arciola (bass)...
  10. Pirika Repun

    Drum solo with floor work????

    I know Egyptian style do not do floor work unless you balancing object on the head. I don't remember if I have seen anybody doing floor work with drum solo until I find this video. I was very surprised that she did at Nile Group festival... Just I feel strange to watch drum solo and floor...
  11. Pirika Repun

    Isis wing, assaya & Khaleegy in one song by Tito

    I found this video last night. :shok: This is Tito's group number but not with his golden something girls. Anyway, I'm pretty sure this is his choreography, but I feel very strange. I like Tito, and I watched his video a lot. For his solo number, I feel he is with music and I feel that he...
  12. Pirika Repun

    Pharonic Tito???

    I'm not sure if this really Tito or not. Does any one can tell? If some one at Nile Group festival in November, is this really Tito? :shok: When I watched his moves, I don't think it was him, BUT this is Pharaonic dance, so he moves different than Sharki or Baladi. I don't (want) think his...
  13. Pirika Repun

    Contest winner?

    XcFAMx1Eaho&feature Look at title.... :think: YouTube comment says she is the winner.... :shok: I'm sure this is NOT Egyptian style. Anybody know what style is she?
  14. Pirika Repun

    Tarik Sultan UK debut in October!

    After he had very successful debut in Japan in August, his next destination is UK! He will teach 2 Shaabi style WS and show at “Cerebrating Dance” festival in Toorak Hotel in Torquay. His teacher and legend Morocco also will teach 2 Egyptian style choreographies. October 31st Saturday and...
  15. Pirika Repun

    Is he Mimo?

    Is he Tito's nephew Mimo? His dance style is so much alike to Tito. I know a lot of Tito crone in Sharm El Sheikh now, but he is one of the best. Tarik said maybe he is Mimo, but not sure. Hopefully he'll find out when he goes to Egypt next month... But before that, can anybody tell who he is...
  16. Pirika Repun

    Tito with VEIL.....

    Here is Tito's video with VEIL. I saw this choreo. by DVD, but I found in YouTube today. Yup. This video is uploaded today!! I'm not big fan of veil.... I love Tito's performance, BUT I'm not crazy about his veil... What do you think? :think: I like his saidi part. :cool: v4tpYeIqPKM&feature
  17. Pirika Repun

    Tito's "Manga"

    I couldn’t find the Dandasha's Manga routine thread, so I put in here. WqJjR6La-90&feature Here is Tito and his Golden whatever dancers’ Manga routine. Masrawy (thanks my friend ;) )helped me to figure out who supposed to be, because when I saw this video, I had no idea who they supposed to...
  18. Pirika Repun

    Al Rachid Mexican Oriental Dancer

    Does anyone know about Al Rachid the Mexican Oriental Dancer? If already talk about him in the past just disregard, because I'm still new to this forum. I found him accidentally when I was watching some male Oriental dancer's clip on YouTube. However, all his information are Spanish, and I do...
  19. Pirika Repun

    Mobility-Impaired Women Discover Joy Of Belly Dancing

    NY1 | 24 Hour Local News | Health | Mobility-Impaired Women Discover Joy Of Belly Dancing I was watching news on TV, and found this program. NYU Hospital for Joint Diseases patients enjoying "Belly Dance" and they feel “sexy” again in their lives! I just want to shear with everybody in this...
  20. Pirika Repun

    Tito at IBCC

    Hi Everybody I found this Tito’s highlight video at IBCC in April. The thing is I want to see whole thing, not the highlight, I saw Tito doing drum solo on the tabla many times, but in this video he did with shisha on his head! It’s amazing balance. However, it looks shisha is attached to the...