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  1. Mosaic

    "Landscaping" - moved from Meet & Greet

    Not a lot - life gets in the road at times, but was recently without a computer, for a while. My old one has caused a lot of angst in the last 18mths. It finally refused to boot up so no choice had to replace it. I've also been doing a bit of work re-landscaping my garden, other than that not...
  2. Mosaic

    Happy new year 2015

    Wishing everyone a very happy New Year, may it be a year of fabulosity! A couple of photos of Melbourne Australia's NY Midnight fireworks ( 21 strategic sites around Melbourne were set up for a coordinated display - Myself & a friend went to the Shrine of Remembrance which sits on a hill in...
  3. Mosaic

    A clever & Fun Bellydance

    A friend sent me this link & I thought it was perfect for sharing:) Enjoy ~Mosaic PS: Love the way you actually get to see how the bones are moving
  4. Mosaic


    I have to share this fun video, I dare you not to smile & bop in your computer chair:D The reactions of the people in the street are classic, some smile, do a bit of a dance & others look dumbstruck. It's fun, I'd love to do something like that:) But too chicken to do so alone:) I Love the...
  5. Mosaic

    Largest ever cyber attack slowing global internet

    I just found out this past week what has been called the largest ever cyber attack has been going on. According to news reports Europe has been hardest hit at this stage, although 2 days ago I had trouble opening numerous webpages & thought it was something to do with my computer, so rebooted...
  6. Mosaic

    All is back to normal

    Good news! everything is back to normal so if you started a thread while it was acting weird please restart your thread as the wonky ones have disappeared. It's good to be back:D ~Mosaic
  7. Mosaic

    Najia Marlyz Articles - Worth Reading

    Today I stopped to read an article by Najia Marlyz in the Gilded Serpent, ended up clicking her name at the top of the article and spent several hours reading quite a few of her articles. She is one interesting lady. So far I've read 23 articles and plan on reading several more:D ... so that is...
  8. Mosaic

    Symbiosis of Girl & Sword

    This was posted in Mahin's Bellydance quickies. The girl must live, breathe and eat carrying that sword on her head. She has amazing balance. ~Mosaic 0Nv8tTXenHo
  9. Mosaic

    Our MV ( Cassie) Does it Again!

    I am loving this drum solo of Cassie's at 2012 belly Blush. Cassie you seem to get better & better ( if that is possible):D She has uploaded it in black& white as she had trouble with skin tones. But it is fabulous.:clap::dance::clap::dance: ~Mosaic afNxSOOEegU
  10. Mosaic

    360 degree Panoramic Views -Fabulous!

    Cruising the web today I came across this website that has quite a few aerial panoramic views of places around the world. I was quite excited to see the Pyramids and actually see places I stood and traversed:D The low resolution is faster to load but the high is much better & the music that...
  11. Mosaic

    Shimmy Mob - World BD Day

    Have any of you heard about this? I just received an email advertising the event & msg - looks like it could be a lot of fun. ~Mosaic part of the email
  12. Mosaic

    BBC Discovery Documentary: The Lost Cities Of Egypt

    I have just watched a documentary about satellite imaging & how it has pinpointed cities, pyramids, temples etc buried under Egypt's sands. Excavation started in Saqqara for buried pyramids in late 2010, but the political unrest put a stop to it for a while. They did begin to find walls and...
  13. Mosaic

    Happy Fun Flash Mob (not BD)

    A fun flash mob Dubai Airport in Oct 2011 to make you smile - I heart flash mobs! ~Mosaic _yXy4YGOyvU
  14. Mosaic

    Christchurch NZ hit by more Earthquakes Today

    Poor Christchurch - just when they were beginning to breathe again has been hit with a 5.8, 6.0 and a 5 something in fairly quick succession, a few injuries, no deaths thank goodness lots of damage again, and liquefaction. The 6.0 was only 5.8 kilometres deep & folk said it seemed to go on and...
  15. Mosaic

    Places To Find Lyrics - Check First before Posting

    One of the best forums I have found is All The Lyrics. Look here before posting: List of all translated Arabic songs Check the list of those already translated and if not found join the forum and ask if someone can translate for you. This forum also has quite a few songs and they will also...
  16. Mosaic

    Reputation Icon

    Is it just me, just went to give rep & the icon is clickable but the little box doesn't open. I tried right click open in new tab and that opened it. Not sure why the little box doesn't pop out as it normally does. ~Mosaic
  17. Mosaic

    Very Sad What Has Happened In Norway

    I was saddened & shocked to hear about the terrible bombing & shooting that happened in Norway and hope that any Norwegian members, their family & friends are all OK. My thoughts & condolences are with the peaceful little country & her people. ~Mosaic
  18. Mosaic

    Amusing Email From Filmbaby

    A couple of days ago I purchased a DVD from Filmbaby and received an email to tell me it had been sent, below is the email, I had to laugh and it reminded me of the thread we had going a while back about unicorns & glitter:lol: I wonder if they read our thread;) ~Mosaic The amusing part of...
  19. Mosaic

    Farida Fahmy in Perth Dec 1-5

    Just received this email from Keti Sharif - how exciting! Now this is something I would love to attend, will have to see how things are going to work out for Decemeber & soon!:D ~Mosaic "NEWS! Farida Fahmy in Perth Dec 1-5 2011 Exclusive Australian Workshops & Seminars Legendary Egyptian...
  20. Mosaic

    All You Need To Know About Reputation Points

    Thanks to Moderator Daimona all you need to know about giving Reputation and any other questions one may have:D ~Mosaic What is "User Reputation"?, but I'll quote it below as well: Originally Posted by Anatoliy...