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  1. Harry

    DOs & DON'Ts : How to date a belly dancer

    Rules: This games involves things that guys should remember if they really want to date a belly dancer. You may present something that will work (a DO), but you must also present the opposite (a DON'T) or vice versa. Here's a starter: DON'T: presume that a belly dancer will want to go out...
  2. Harry

    What is appropriate music for BD?

    Some questions and discussion came up in another BD group in which I participate, which prompts me to ask, "What is appropriate/viable music for BD?" Being a musician, not a dancer, this becomes a subject of great interest to me. Then, in a totally different category and thread on this site...
  3. Harry

    I've been away too long!

    It's hard to believe, but I haven't logged onto this forum for nearly 2 years :shok: so a brief re-introduction: I'm an enthusiastic fan of belly dance, living and working in the Baltimore, MD, USA, area, which has a serious belly dance community (I'm even a member of...