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  1. Nebetmiw

    1970s style

    Look up Habiba she is all Egyptian style. She has a website She has some great dvds out on her site. I actually work with her Quick Start Belly Dance one. She is doing the online classes now too.
  2. Nebetmiw

    Zill learning need advice on CDs and DVDs

    I am researching CD and DVds on learning zills. I can only buy one product at this time so want one that will help me learn the most. I do own both zill and sagats but they are student quality which I will upgrade later. I do have my own frame drum and have participated in drum circles not...
  3. Nebetmiw

    where to buy

    Where does everyone buy their CD's ? Now downloades but the actual CD. Just curious on what responces we get with this. :dance:
  4. Nebetmiw

    What was or is the hardest move for you?

    Ok I am wondering what was hard to learn when you started your BD classes. I thought I could handle hip circles good till I came across the big hip circle. I have a hip hang up it seems on one side. Will take some time to train it right. It is a hip that always gives me problems too after...
  5. Nebetmiw

    egyptian isolated hip circle

    This is one killer circle. I can really feel this in my abs. Since I am not using legs at all in this small circle. Doing the big circle is such a relieve after this one. :lol: I cant imagine having to do many reps on this to get up strenght on it. It will take my belly way down working on...
  6. Nebetmiw


    Is there a central place where workshops are listed by state? I was told by a friend here about one I did not know was in my state. Would I have too look up all the schools pages to find who is having what workshop? If so how would I go about finding all the school listed for my state? I...
  7. Nebetmiw

    Over first obsticle in practice

    I am patting myself on the back. I got over my first hurdle with getting back into dancing. First a little background. I am way out of shape and way over weight. Weight is somewhere around 240 and I am 5'3" hips 55 and chest 50". Oh BTW I have a 30" inseam. So my legs are much longer than...
  8. Nebetmiw

    music wants need help

    Ok, I wish to expand my music library with more ME music. But I am after something specific here. I have a love for instrumental new age music. So I am looking for something close to this in egyptian music. What I am after is music with no electronic instruments in it or orchestra either...
  9. Nebetmiw

    Waving and shimming Hello from TN USA

    Hi all, I just found this site. It was just the place I was looking for. I am a beginner belly dancer starting back up once again. First took classes in South FL years ago. Been working from Habiba DVD since. Even though I forget and life gets in the way I always come back to dance at...