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  1. PracticalDancer

    Stop moving hooks - flexible fit in a dance belt!

    I experimented with a new way of using hooks on dance belts, one that gives you a flexible fit (by at least 2") with no sewing to change the size. Enjoy!
  2. PracticalDancer

    Lining a Bra, 101

    Hello! A friend asked for advice on how to line a bra, so I created a Facebook album AND a blog post on the topic. I thought I would share the latter here, so that others could reference it too. See Lining a Bra, 101 on my blog!
  3. PracticalDancer

    Khaleegi Taxsim (associating taxsim with a "place")

    I have not been able to find much on this, so I plan to cross-post in several places. I have learned enough to know that even a taxsim can help "place" the music for a performance. Many of the taxsim that we hear are Egyptian; but, I have heard some that are definitely Turkish. Thus, my...
  4. PracticalDancer

    Good articles on student etiquette

    Cross-posting, because this article has caused me to reflect a bit:Artist Etiquette: The Workshop Environment | FineArtViews Blog by FASO And, a companion piece written by a friend: I have publicly admitted committing the breaches...
  5. PracticalDancer

    Shanazel: Embroidery in context!!!

    After my heart stopped racing from the wealth of information, I started to recover my senses and think who else might appreciate this: Palestinian Heritage Gallery This site has SO much information on Palestinian textiles, embroidery information, and elements that identify the cultural context...
  6. PracticalDancer

    Persian Lace

    All, I wound up in a wonderful conversation with Laurel Victoria Gray today about Persian lace, found out I own some, and know I need to know MORE! I was hoping that Shanazel or one of the other experts in textiles could help me: What are other terms for "Persian Lace"? What resources...
  7. PracticalDancer

    The [fill in the blank] the every Belly Dancer needs!

    The [fill in the blank] that every Belly Dancer needs! Placed in off topic, since this really is only tangental to dance. But, it touches on the glitter, sequins, and rhinestones (and silliness) that comes with our art. And, so, I present . . . The STAND MIXER that every Belly Dancer needs...
  8. PracticalDancer

    Allow me to re-introduce myself :)

    As the PracticalDancer. You may find some posts here with references to my old name. Still me, just with less unfortunate google results. ;) And, our Administrator, Salome, is awesome.
  9. PracticalDancer

    World Belly Dance Day / Shimmy Mob 2012

    Hello, all! After YEARS of wanting to participate in World Belly Dance Day, but never coming up with an idea in time, some wonderful women in my hometown organized a Shimmy Mob yesterday. I was out with a chronic hamstring injury, which (on the plus side) allowed me to put together a...
  10. PracticalDancer

    Happy Easter!

    Had a few minutes to "decorate eggs" today. Some of you may remember these ad campaigns in the US during the 80's.
  11. PracticalDancer

    Do you *consistently* tip other styles of performers?

    All, my family had a lovely evening at a restaurant over the weekend, and were lucky enough to be treated to live jazz while we dined. As we left, it was during a sound reset, so I was not able to only tip the band, but to speak to them, too. They were stunned. Happily stunned, but stunned...
  12. PracticalDancer

    How to watch a modern dance concert

    . . . or, ANY dance performance! Mods, move this to OT if you see fit; but, I thought this was a wonderful piece and had to share. It is making the rounds on FB and can be food for thought here, too! How to Watch a Modern Dance Concert... - YouTube Regards, Anala
  13. PracticalDancer

    The 1912 Project and the Vintage Pattern Lending Library

    Saw this and *immediately* thought of my fellow sewing geeks and vintage pattern collectors. Sew Vintage with The 1912 Project - Threads VPLL - Home Enjoy!
  14. PracticalDancer

    The AWESOME! eye makeup tutorial thread

    Hello, all. I just checked my email and found yet another super awesome eye makeup tutorial link (from my Daily Bellydance Quickies email, of course!), and it occurred to me that it might be nice to put all of these fabulous youtube tutorials in one thread. The goal is that if any of us get...
  15. PracticalDancer

    Pros and Cons of vending on Etsy

    Hello, all! There may have been a thread about this earlier. A quick search only turned up a thread where the poster went back and replaced all posts with elipses . . . :rolleyes: I am thinking about starting to vend on and wanted to find out the pros and cons from the members here...
  16. PracticalDancer

    Lots of food for thought! Found via Daily Bellydance quickies, this clip is worthy of discussion. We frequently see "bellydancers" dancing to non-trad music as fusion. This (MALE!) dancer performs a very nice drum solo, with just a little hip hop fused in. I...
  17. PracticalDancer

    Bagoas at Rakkasah East 2011

    I got to see this performance live and wanted to share it here. It was the first time I had heard of or seen Bagoas. The crowd was buzzing and seats rapidly filled up before he performed (and then emptied afterwards, a sign that many audience members were there for him). He is a powerful and...
  18. PracticalDancer

    For Shanazel - Saudi Aramco Article on Mumbai Embroidery Shop

    (and for others to enjoy, too!) A friend gave me her July / August issue of Saudi Aramco World to share a lovely article on beading and embroidery techniques used in a shop in Mumbai. Since SAW is kind enough to share their content online, I wanted to share it with you, too! Saudi Aramco...
  19. PracticalDancer

    New "like" button?

    Popped into the forum today and discovered all the posts in the threads have a new "like" button. At least, I had never noticed it before . . . Is it new functionality? Is it tied to Facebook??? PS: my own post does not have it when I create this thread. Interesting, that I can't "like"...
  20. PracticalDancer

    OUTRAGE: Ya Halla, Ya'll write-up

    UGH! Yaa Halla, Y’All Belly Dancing Festival - Grapevine Convention Center - Dallas - Events :wall: