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  1. tim ema

    Alternate name for the "X-Step"?

    Hello All! I hope I am posting in the right place for this question... if not, please forgive me! I am starting my second session of beginner level BD, (classic Egyptian, leaning toward shaabi) and tonight we were introduced to the "X-step". I watched and watched and tried and tried... I am...
  2. tim ema

    Am I registered or not?

    Please forgive me if this has already been posted - I tried to search thoroughly first... I have been away from the site for quite some time, but was delighted to find my login and password still worked! However my avatar does not appear when I post. If I click the phrase "Tim'ema's Avatar"...
  3. tim ema

    Oil Cleansing Method

    Has anyone heard of this? I stumbled on this during my internet browsing and it is all over the place! My skin has never been great - blackheads are a big problem - and nothing works. I'm on day two of the oil cleansing method and I'm actually seeing a difference! Especially the enflamed red...
  4. tim ema

    Nail Art as part of Costume?(image heavy!)

    Madeline's thread on Nail Care got me thinking... I bellydance at home, so I don't yet "perform", however as a nail artist, I realize many of the designs I've done would work well with costumes. Does anyone incorporate nail art into their costumes? I'm very curious! :) AT
  5. tim ema

    Umi and the "washing machine" shimmy!

    I hope I've posted this in the right place...this is where the question about flutters was put, so I hope I'm not messing up! About the "Umi": Does "Umi" rhyme with "Tummy" or with "Roomy"? Also, as I am currently learning by myself at home, I must be very careful about learning...
  6. tim ema

    Earrings -to keep? or remake?

    I have a lot of jewellery from the 1980's that could be remade into bellydance stuff. But these earrings have me torn! I LOVE them - always have. They are hopelessly out of style....but they might work for bellydance. However, they are very long and have jingles on them and always get caught...
  7. tim ema

    Email Notifications Intermittent

    I have my preferences set for "Instant email notification" both for private messages and replies to threads, but sometimes I get one and sometimes I don't. Currently, I go through all the threads where I posted comments and visually check to see if there's been a reply. Sometimes there have...
  8. tim ema

    Is there an archive?

    Please pardon me if I'm simply blind and didn't see it..... I am given to understand from reading the forum that this is a "reborn" forum after some kind of nasty business. Is the "good" material from the old forum archived somewhere or was it unsalvagable? :) AT
  9. tim ema

    Still fresh as a peach, I'm afraid!

    Brand, brand new to BD! Been dancing for two whole days now! I KNOW! Pretty darn impressive! LOL! Belly is something I was always too shy to do, but with recent encouragement from my sweetie - I'm finally doing it! Very broke, so I'm learning at home right now, but ...such JOY! I will have...