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    Anyone Know About Tummy Tucks?

    I'm considering getting one due to the loose skin/excessive stretch marks from having babies. My question is, how will this effect me as a belly dancer? Anyone know? Thanks! Angie
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    Bellydance teachers in the Miami area?

    I will be visiting Miami for a week this summer and would like to take clases and private sessions with real teachers for a change. Where I live we do not have advanced/professional dancers and or teachers and I've heard miami is a big bellydance town. Could someone please reccomend a really...
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    Anyone been to a Jim Boz workshop?

    I'm seriously thinking of going to the vegas intensive that Samira has posted about. I wanted to see if anyone could give me some feedback on Jim Boz's style. I looked him up on youtube and he looks like he may be tribal???? Which I'm not interested in at this time. Is it just me, or are a...
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    Is there a secret to slow, serpentine movements????

    If so, what is it? I'm sort-of new, and I keep seeing workshops avertised as "the secret to slow movements, or serpentine..." I have a lot of videos, however, where I live we don't really have any real professional teachers/dancers. So I can't help but wonder what it could be. :shok: Any...
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    Has Anyone been to Suzanna Del Vechio's retreat?

    I noticed she has a dance retreat every summer in the mountains and I'm thinking of going. It would be wonderful to be able to study with a "real" dancer for a change. I was wondering if anyone has been and if they could comment on it please.
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    How do you end the performance?

    So, I know your suppose to pose and hold it for five seconds, but then what? Do you bow, blow a kiss, or something???? :rolleyes:
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    How to travel w/ grace????

    Our class is working on a group performance, and at the beginning we kind of walk out (you know, 123 pause, 123pause) and when I see myself in the mirror I don't look graceful at all, look more like a truck driver! Here is what I keep telling myself: Chest up shoulders back down chin up, and...
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    Starting bellydance after 40?

    I'm around 40 years old with no dance experience. Is it realistic for me to think I will some day be good at this?
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    Tips on flourishes and decorations in dance

    Someone was recently telling me about a workshop she went to on "Flourishes and Decorations" that has helped her to look much more professional. I wish I had asked her to ellaborate, because I can't stop thinking about this. I need a lot of work with my stage presence and I think this...