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  1. Winged-Scarab

    How To Identify Music?

    This may be a shot in the dark, but it can't hurt to ask. When I first started dancing, I purchased a student CD from my teacher to practice the choreography at home. I also planned to put the tracks on my mp3 player so I could have better access to the music (because the CD player in my car...
  2. Winged-Scarab

    Dance Bra: Pattern Made vs. Modding

    I have searched the internet on various dance top/bra tutorials and patterns and I still find myself indecisive, which brought upon the thought of pros and cons of both methods. Modding an existing bra can be just as time consuming as making a costume bra from scratch. However, there is more...
  3. Winged-Scarab

    Learning to dance while on the go?

    I face a new dilemma in my dance journey. With my previous job, I had a regular schedule and I could take classes that fit around that. However, now that I am starting my new job, all that has changed. I don't have a solid idea of how the scheduling is going to work just yet, because I just got...
  4. Winged-Scarab

    Greetings From Michigan!

    Hey there! My name is Adeline and I've been belly dancing for about two years now. I'm still a beginner! It wasn't very long after I started that I found Bhuz, and I was sad to see it go because I was enjoying all the lovely threads and piles of information and advice the community had to offer...