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  1. Ahava_Melantha


    I'm sorry if I've posted this issue before but would love some input. Right now I feel lost and kind of just blah all over with my BD Direction. I'm not sure what I want to to study and how to move forward. To make belly dance gains so to speak.
  2. Ahava_Melantha

    cross training

    do you cross train in other dance styles? I am mostly into Egyptian raks sharqi and folk dances. I have tried cross training in American Cabaret, but I just can't bring myself to do it. I am curious, for other Egyptian Raks lovers, what has been your favorite dancing style to cross train?
  3. Ahava_Melantha

    dancing as cardio

    Do you guys do belly dance as your primary cardio? or do you do other forms of cardio, AND bellydance? how do you balance it all out so that you can train for belly dance without overdoing it?
  4. Ahava_Melantha

    super tight hips

    I know I have chronically tight hamstrings, which I'm working on right now. But now I have super tight hips muscles, on the front of the hips and the side. any ideas on how to alleviate this? they are sooo tight and stubborn. it seems like nothing can get them to loosen up. and fyi - I can...
  5. Ahava_Melantha

    what is clean technique?

    When someone says to make your movements cleaner, or to have cleaner technique, what exactly does this mean? I'm having a hard time understanding sharp moves and clean technique. thanx.
  6. Ahava_Melantha

    Egyptian vs 1970s Am Cab

    I was curious, for those who are primarily into Egyptian style, do you find 1970 American Caberet teachers and technique harder? Do you find the style to be a bit harder on the body? Just curious. I got a dvd (will not name names ) and some of the stuff so far seems kind of hard on the body. I...
  7. Ahava_Melantha

    Dancing after knee surgery

    I've had 2 knee surgeries in 3 months. My last one being in the middle of January. Now I had a torn meniscus and my mcl ligament tore in the back of the leg, towards my hamstring. oh boy. Its been 2 months since my last surgery. I am still recovering and slowly getting stronger and stronger...
  8. Ahava_Melantha

    BD origins in India

    I keep on hearing that bd history has origins in India. I don't see it. At all. they say because of a traditional pose that looks similar to a move done in chiftetelli that bd must of come from India. 1. I don't see how all eastern dances can have one origin 2. I have seen some traditional...
  9. Ahava_Melantha

    first video - feedback please?

    I just recently posted an unlisted youtube video of me dancing. if anyone would like, please critique me Aziza - Muhammad abdel-Monem - YouTube
  10. Ahava_Melantha

    calves and releves

    I know releve is super important. I have mostly been an earthy on my feet kind of dancer. so my releve sucks and my calves are CONSTANTLY tight. oh boy. any advice on how to strengthen my feet, relieve my arch pain from being on releve and strengthen and release my calves?
  11. Ahava_Melantha

    quit dancing for the dance

    would you quit for the art? would you quit performing because you could no longer represent the art and do the dance justice? I am being stubborn and am having a very hard time with this idea. *
  12. Ahava_Melantha

    expiration date?

    Is there truly an expiration date on dancing? Is it true that belly dance is NOT a crone's dance? I would love to do this dance until my deathbed. Morocco is in her 70s and still dancing. Right now I am not performing but would love to return one day, maybe when my kidz are older. So how do...
  13. Ahava_Melantha

    Basics and beyond

    how do I go beyond the basics? how do I know when I'm ready? how do I know when my hip circles are good enough to go beyond that?
  14. Ahava_Melantha

    traveling steps

    Does anyone know of any good dvds that does drilling just on traveling steps?
  15. Ahava_Melantha

    low back pain during circle drillz

    I don't know why, but whenever I do dancing drilllz for hip circles, and vertical figure 8s, my lower back aches quite a bit. Should I be bending my knees more, or what am I doing. If i do them regularly, I'm good, but the SUPER S-L-O-W speed just killz my lower back. I geuss I should also...
  16. Ahava_Melantha

    pregnancy safe exercise?

    I am curious if belly dance is relatively safe for pregnancy exercise? I know in the farther stages of pregnancy maybe a lot of jazz moves and theatrical aspects of belly dance might not be appropriate, but generally is it safe? any advanced students/teachers have any recommendations for...
  17. Ahava_Melantha

    booty too big for dancing?

    is there such a thing as your booty being too big for dancing? I would love to know. I hear this from time to time and would love your input
  18. Ahava_Melantha

    asexual dancing?

    is there really such a thing as asexual dancing? i have noticed many women in the dance community who want to completely deny the tiniest hint of sensuality in the dance to the point of making it . . . . .sterile. what is your take on this? forget the naysayers and revel in the femininity...
  19. Ahava_Melantha

    breast shimmies so taboo

    I am curious as to why breast shimmies are so taboo? I tend to do them more in CERTAIN shaabi dances, but am curious why they are sooo taboo?
  20. Ahava_Melantha

    other exercise and belly dance

    I have come to the conclusion that for my health AND for my journey to a better lifestyle AND weight, that belly dance can not be my ONLY exercise or cardio.* So I am curious what kind of exercies and conditioning you guys do to either be better dancers or that compliment belly dancing? BTW -...