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  1. Aziyade

    Frustrating DVDs that won't play

    So I'm going back through my insanely huge catalog of bellydance videos and dvds, trying to digitize everything so I can store everything in the cloud. Now it's my fault for not watching a dvd the second I bought it, but I'm finding a disturbing number of these will not play AT ALL, because they...
  2. Aziyade

    I need new music - suggestions?

    So my kiddo was born in late 2011, and I don't think I've bought any new music since then. I'd prefer some recent recommendations for pop singers, the kind of stuff you could dance to at mixed Arab-American parties without anyone raising an eyebrow. (I have everything Um Kalsoum and the classics...
  3. Aziyade

    Where are you in your educational journey?

    I'm not sure where to post this, so mods feel free to move it. The other day I got to thinking about my first dance classes and how different they are from how I study today. I'm curious about the path that other people took/are taking. I'm also curious about where others see themselves going...
  4. Aziyade

    Harassing/Threatening Postal Mails?

    Dancers -- if you or anyone you know has recently received any type of harassing or potentially threatening postal mail, please please please message me. We think someone might be targeting belly dancers, and we might be able to build a federal case. Please put the word out to other dancers in...
  5. Aziyade

    What is Tribal Fusion -- TO YOU!

    So I've been experimenting with and enjoying some ATS classes lately, but the big part of what I enjoy about the whole concept is the energy of the group -- the group dynamic. Being so focused on body awareness that you seem to kind of lose yourself and find yourself responding to those visual...
  6. Aziyade

    Lauren of Arabia

    Lauren of Arabia lecture by Karim Nagi - YouTube I know we've posted this before, but I think it would be nice, given the recent coversations, to post it again for our newbies.
  7. Aziyade

    Product review: Personal Style Snafus course

    Personal Style Snafus | Belly Dance Geek So the other week I came across this conference call recording from Nadira Jamal, on the subject of "Personal Style Snafus" and I thought it sounded interesting. The price was right, and it came with a pdf workbook (which is always a plus in my book) so...
  8. Aziyade

    What you need to know to be pro dancer?

    Spin off from the Amora thread: So we often complain about the ill-prepared student or the 6-week wonder who tries to get the job at the restaurant. Many of the posters here have been working professionally for 10+ years, and have studied the dance for more. What is the absolute bare minimum...
  9. Aziyade

    Let's Work With a DVD!

    So welcome to the video practice thread. It might be helpful if we were all working with the same video, but for now tell us which one you're working with, and comment on the exercises/choreography. What's working for you? What isn't? Are you skipping any sections? Why? Are you adding anything...
  10. Aziyade

    My baby is here!

    Hi everybody!! I've missed you all so much!! My little man (and the holidays) have taken up most of my time over the last few weeks, so I haven't been able to read the forums, but I wanted to let everybody know that Mom and Baby are doing great! My baby boy, Dorian Alaric Stewart, was born...
  11. Aziyade

    Habibi Magazine is online!

    The Best of Habibi digital compilation is up and running! We are pleased to announce that The Best of Habibi website is now launched. This free online resource includes the entire compilation of 260 feature articles by knowledgeable contributors in our field. Published by Shareen El Safy from...
  12. Aziyade

    New Roman dance dvd by Elizabeth Strong!!!!

    Holy cow!!!! YouTube - ‪Turkish Roman Dance with Elizabeth Strong‬‏ I am so excited to see this!! I think it should be a great companion to the Raw Roman dvd. !!!!! Finally I feel like the gods of Turkish dance are actually listening to our prayers!!! Anybody have this yet?
  13. Aziyade

    Sorry for the absence!

    Ak - tornado and storms and roof leaks and pregnancy have kept me from the boards for far too long. I came back to a full inbox, and have cleared it out, so I apologize for everybody who tried to send PMs and failed. I'll try to keep up! Can't promise much for Oct.-Dec when the kiddo is born...
  14. Aziyade

    What do you do when your teacher is wrong?

    Spin off from the "Gypsy" thread: So your teacher is telling you something that is either extremely controversial, or you know is downright wrong. How do you address this without appearing like a know-it-all jerk? Or do you? Obviously you don't want to say, "You're WRONG" in the middle of...
  15. Aziyade

    My attempt at an Oriental interpretation of Wayek

    Farid al-Atrache holds a special place in my heart, and I've ALWAYS loved this song, so here is my attempt at an Oriental interpretation of the song. Sorry about the clapping off-beat -- the audience is just very enthusiastic. Helpful criticism is, as always, greatly appreciated. I feel like...
  16. Aziyade

    Dina Sued for Encouraging Bellydancing

    Dina sued for teaching belly dancing | Al Bawaba So wow, huh? Is this the bell tolling or what?
  17. Aziyade

    Does this teaching philosophy sound shady?

    "To be able to teach, mainly at low levels, it is not necessary to be a great dancer. Being able to dance at a higher level than the one you are going to teach is always more than enough." Belly Dance: The Teacher's Book: Methodology, guidance and didactic resources (9781450507479)...
  18. Aziyade

    Resources for Teachers?

    When you teach ballet, you have a huge source of material to help you put together class syllabi, help you learn to teach, etc. When you teach bellydance, the resources are scarce. Can we list what teacher resources are available? (What I'd like to list are not SPECIFIC METHODS, like Fat...
  19. Aziyade

    Check out these pants!

    Ignore the fact that it's some weird fusion and she's dressed like a cowboy. But isn't the fringe super cool? I'm so making some of these, as real pants and not chaps, but with the side fringe: YouTube - 3036
  20. Aziyade

    What's So Great About Ranya Renee?

    Like the first thread, I'd like to introduce some extremely popular dancers to the forum and ask everyone why they think that dancer has earned his/her popularity. So Ranya Renee is one of the most popular American dancers of Egyptian style. She created the wildly popular "Balady" instructional...