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  1. Mya

    Costumes and Accessories for sale

    Hi folks...having been unable to find any dancers or dancing happening in my part of Scotland, I'm selling off some of my stuff. I have a number of hip scarves, bindis and a couple of costumes that I'm hoping to move. Will update the thread as I take pictures, but here's the first one up...
  2. Mya

    Costume Vendor in UK

    Hey guys, I've just hopped the pond to the UK and I'm looking for a GOOD costume vendor over here - i've found 2 online but the first 2 that google produced weren't my taste and i figured asking here was a good idea while i keep searching :)
  3. Mya

    Sell me your used silk veils!

    Bwa! i put this in the wrong place!!! Moderator help please!! Does anyone have used silk veils that they'd like to part with? I have some beginning veil students whom i am reluctant to let use my performance veils for class because one has already been torn...the horror! so i'm looking for...
  4. Mya

    Dogs Skinned in China to make fake UGG boots.

    I haven't posted in a long time, though i have been lurking every now and then. but this made me very very sad. literally reduced me to tears and i'm telling everyone i can so that the awareness is out there. Please, PLEASE do not buy fake UGGs from China. News Article: Raccoon dogs skinned...
  5. Mya

    Zil Etiquette

    This thread isn't so much about practice etiquette, but performance etiquette - is there any? i genuinely don't know. i feel like i had heard someone here a long time ago say that you don't play while the singer is singing. is that true? does it only count for live bands? or for recordings to...
  6. Mya

    Juliana Marconato of Brazil

    i love her! we need a drooling smiley. 5xWWsAQKJ4s
  7. Mya

    Introductory Lecture on Raqs

    Helllloooo folks! So i've had the distinct pleasure of being invited to give an introductory lecture on raqs at the Ministry of Public Administration here in Trinidad :dance: I'm really thrilled because it's a step in the right direction..people WANT to KNOW about the dance and not just ogle...
  8. Mya

    The FB like button

    Ok so I'm not sure whether this goes in this section cuz it's about marketing your business or in the "other" section - mods will mod it i'm sure :D That like button is great on your sites and blogs to drive traffic to your locations, but i can't do it! FB generates it in iframe and in xfbml...
  9. Mya

    Any OD'ers in DC??

    Hey guys, Any of you in DC? i'll be there for 8 days near the end of march - would love to meet any of you! Mya
  10. Mya

    Haiti - Please help

    my friends, Haiti needs us - they have for decades and they've always been ignored. Now, they need us more than ever - whatever little you can do. 50,000 death toll so far according to news reports...Americans - see the white house blog for what you can do to help Help for Haiti | The White...
  11. Mya

    Taking a break

    Hello Friends, Just letting you know that i will be away for a while as i try to get certain aspects of my personal life back in order after some pretty tough happenings recently. I will be back and i will send that booty box on as promised! Much love, Mya
  12. Mya

    Looking for an Instructor near the Kennedy Space Centre

    Hey Guys, i know someone in Brevard County Florida, close to the Kennedy Space Centre who is looking for a GOOD instructor for one of the traditional cabaret styles; by which i mean no tribal and poodle balancing, poi spinning fantasy styles. Can anyone recommend or advise? Please send me a PM...
  13. Mya

    Vendor Reviews

    Hi Folks, I was just thinking that we randomly talk about our vendor experiences in the different threads, but it might be good to put them here so that if we're considering buying from a particular vendor, we can see what kind of experiences have been had with them in the past. I'll start: I...
  14. Mya

    Paypal Woes

    Hello Guys, I've been having this problem with paypal for a while now and the last time it ended up with me losing $50 US and never getting my item. Please tell me if you've ever had this problem and how you were able to resolve it. A vendor has sent me an invoice but when i try to pay it on...
  15. Mya

    Performing with injuries

    Hello Folkses, I was wondering if you've ever had this problem - you need to perform but have to wear something that definitely does not belong in the costume category e.g. a cast or bandage. I've sprained my ankle slightly (not enough to stop me dancing or walking but it does hurt a little...
  16. Mya

    Tribal Costume help

    Hi folks, I'm trying to source the thing that Melek is wearing in this video - the long sleeved stocking type thing with the very short back - i want something that stays in place like that and that i can buy online and get shipped quick fast and in a hurry! If one of you creative ladies can...
  17. Mya

    Sharing some Trini Culture

    Hello Friends! I just thought that you guys might like to see a bit of Trinidadian culture live and direct. Today is Kerbala day, the 10th day of Muharram and the final day of public Hosay comemoration in Trinidad. In Trinidad we have a street procession today - you can read more here: Hosay...
  18. Mya

    Bellydance Classes in Waterloo, Canada

    Hello Folks! One of my best friends is getting into bellydance and she isn't sure about reliable instructors in her area. She's an undergrad at waterloo uni and there's a teacher there but she's very concerned about the quality of instruction she'll be receiving. Is anyone in Canada that can...
  19. Mya

    Anyone know this CD?

    I was just reading about this cd and i was wondering if anyone has it or has listened to it. Is it any use for what it suggests it does? I appreciate any info before i go-a-buying! 'Introduction to Arabic Music' Emad El-Rasheedy Classification: Sharqi (classical) Introduction: For a deeper...
  20. Mya


    Hello All, I just read this article on Zar : egyptian_zar_belly_dance_costumes_bellydance_dvds I thought it was an interesting insight into the culture. My question then is, is it kind of disrespectful for bellydancers in performing to imitate some of the things described there? When I was...