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  1. Amulya

    Example Pictures of Different Belly Dance Costumes Styles Needed

    So I am going to educate someone on all the different costume styles but I discovered a whole lot is no longer easy to find on Google! It is easy to find modern examples of course but I am looking for old styles like 40-50s, and way before. I found some Ghawazee pictures and that is it! Could...
  2. Amulya

    Costume Advise for Someone Else

    I have a FB group for costume tips, and this one is tricky: “What's a good costume style for belly that bulges..? I also have an ostomy bag that I need to cover . I had surgery and my saiidi dresses are too tight around my hips.”
  3. Amulya

    Belly dance thread on Reddit

    Maybe some people might want to chime in on this one:
  4. Amulya

    ‘Dina’ bra bases?

    I remember they used to be for sale on eBay, but I can’t find them anymore. Does anyone know a seller on eBay or Amazon?
  5. Amulya

    Belly Dancer Arrested horrible for her
  6. Amulya

    Where is the best place to sell costumes?

    Not sure if this is the right place for this question, feel free to move it :) what is is the best place to sell second hand costumes and one brands new costume? I am thinking of selling most of my collection :(
  7. Amulya

    Weird Belly Dance Teaching

    I hate hate hate when people make it look like something airy fairy woo stuff, look at this:
  8. Amulya

    Facebook Group for Costume Tips

    I have a group for costuming, it's getting pretty busy and some really interesting ideas being post right now, like where to get Dina bras, patterns, sewing blogs and much more. Feel free to join:
  9. Amulya

    Male Dancers Comeback in Istanbul
  10. Amulya

    Mermaid skirt pattern step by step with video :)
  11. Amulya

    Halloween 2014

    Halloween anyone? I'm doing a party at a restaurant tonight, not sure what I am haha. I'm wearing an emerald green corset and big Victorian inspired skirt. Will post pics later :)
  12. Amulya

    Hair Styles

    Let's talk favourite hair styles for tribal and fusion styles!
  13. Amulya

    Let's Talk Tribaret

    I was reading this thread about tribaret on another forum but the idea they had of it didn't make sense to me, they were talking about cabaret style in a tribal costume and tribal in cabaret costume. That's not what it is to me, it's much more mixed, costume and dance wise. So I started looking...
  14. Amulya

    Music Favourites

    We have a separate music forum, but that's more for ME music, so let's discuss music for tribal and fusion styles here. Any favourites?
  15. Amulya

    Favourite Dancers

    Let's talk about who inspires you. Like I mentioned in the other thread I really like The Indigo as a troupe, but I do like them as individual dancers too, think their are pretty amazing. My favourites have changed over time, when I first discovered American Tribal style I was a fan of BCBD, but...
  16. Amulya

    My 21st belly dance birthday

    The belly dancer in me has all grown up, 21 years now. I started taking classes in late august '93. That a crazy long time ago haha! The first two classes were 2 hour workshops after which I joined the teachers regular classes. The workshops were part of my university's introduction week, they...
  17. Amulya

    Favourite Music

    Let's talk about your favourite music to dance to :) any songs that have stuck as favourite? For me it has changed a lot over the years but I will always love the classic versions. I looooooove Radio Bastet for that reason. Just awesome music. I think the reason is that my first cassette (!) was...
  18. Amulya

    Looking for a specific type of kuchi pendants

    This style and in bulk. Last time I got them from Silvex but they are a bit dodgy (the box arrived full of pencil shavings kind of dust, items were tangled and were different what I ordered)
  19. Amulya

    Belly dance inspired every day clothes

    I miss wearing costumes, since I no longer teach or perform, I don't use them, but I would like to incorporate some of it in 'normal' clothes. I already use some hip belts and hip scarves on jeans and skirts and wearing belly dance jewelry, I have been doing that forever but was wondering what...
  20. Amulya

    Lyrics Shashkin?

    There is a song called Shaskin, I'm interested to find the lyrics but a Google search turns out nothing, apparently it also exists in Arabic but I have only heard Turkish versions. Omar Faruk Tekbilek has a nice instrumental version, that's my favourite.