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  1. sansa

    The Joy of Gracious Dancers

    So I had the wonderful experience of my first time at Art of the Belly in Ocean City, MD this weekend. I only stayed for Friday, took a couple of workshops, watched all the performances. It was fabulous. I realized just this weekend that I've been studying belly dance for a year now. In...
  2. sansa

    The Power of (My) Conscience

    So I went through all that to psyche myself up to get into a troupe after being invited to audition (a previous post). I got in. I went to the required more-advanced class and the ensemble class the first week. Then ... (I feel like an ass - can I say that on here?) ... I dropped out. It's...
  3. sansa

    Audition Coming ... So Nervous!

    On Thursday I'm auditioning for my instructor's belly dance performance troupe. I am SO nervous. Two years experience is required to audition; I have 8 months. 8 months! Back in the summer my instructor said, "You're coming to auditions, right?" I was stunned and think I stammered some...
  4. sansa

    Hey All - FINALLY (Belly) Dancing!

    Just saying hi and nice to meet you all. I've been dancing for almost all of my 52 years and just started a belly dance class back in February as a gift to me ... a long-time promise to myself. So, new to this genre and absolutely loving it (as I knew I would). I dance just about every day...