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    Listen to Mohamed Abdel Wahab!

    I found this website :D Mohamed Abdelwahab -
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    Discussing non-english threads

    This is an English forum... why don't you provide a translation? It's not nice to exclude people by speaking your native language on a forum where most people can't understand that. Why??? Edited by moderator: this is moved from the arabic thread.
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    3 x Naima

    I don't know if you have seen this one already: 3 Naima Akef dance scenes in one video :D T4aSHw44DzY
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    When your teacher says something inaccurate

    My teacher told us in class that when dancing khaleegy, young unmarried women show off their hair but cover their nose with their hand to still keep it a bit shy and modest, something like that. Now I know she probably didn't make that up herself. I've read enough stories here about myths that...
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    Wanted to share this

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    Happy World Bellydance Day everyone!

    :D May you have a lot of fun and dancing today. I hope all even organisers of today will get a lot of money for the charity! I must admit I won't be bellydancing myself today, but dancing I will.
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    Help! Quick reply!

    I'm a big fan of Quick Reply, but it's not working anymore :( I can click the Quick Reply as much as I like, but nothing happens. If I remove the initial text from the Quick Reply screen I can type my message there, but if I click "post" it starts complaining I didn't click the Quick Reply icon...
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    new location?

    Sorry if I missed something, but... why has the forum been moved to a new location with a completely different address? :think:
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    Song ID

    Does someone know the name of the song Najwa is singing at 5.48? Thanks! YouTube - Najwa Karam - Mixed Concerts
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    So cute

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    I have no idea what to think of this: YouTube - Ranya of NYC & Maqamikaze company I think it's supposed to be some kind of comedy piece? I personally don't think Um Khalthoum songs are suitable for comedy/fantasy stuff.
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    Can someone tell me what's going on in this video?

    Thank you :) -SbD3ti_Bvo
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    Make your own snowflake

    Hi people, found this cool website via another forum: Popular Front: SnowDays Here's the one I made for you (yes I made more than one, it's a bit addicting):
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    Rampi rampi

    I found the lyrics of this song and I was curious if someone could translate them to English?
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    Change one letter game

    I found this game at the longhaircommunity and thought we could play it here as well. I'm not so good at it so I need to practice more ;) You can either change a letter (cup --> cap), add a letter (cup --> cups) or remove a letter (cup --> up), as long as it's just one letter. I'll start: dance
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    I am SOOO angry!

    I just have to share this with you all. October 19th, I went to this mini concert of an Egyptian ud player. Furthermore, my teachers performed and one of them gave a short work shops for the guest who liked to participate. Also, information was given about what Oriental dance is etc. There...
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    Playing Middle Eastern instruments

    Yesterday, I went to a mini concert of this Egyptian Ud player and I was so impressed! Almost to the point I wanted to learn how to play myself. Well, I spend too much money on dance lessons now to think music lessons, but it made me wonder. Did any of you learn how to play a Middle Eastern...
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    Congratulations Shanazel!!! (warning: don't read if you only like serious threads)

    Dear forum members, let us all congratulate our new number one when it comes to the amount of posts. Her beautiful name is: :clap::clap::clap:SHANAZEL:clap::clap::clap: Unfortunately, she does not seem to be very eager to defend her title, so let's encourage her a bit too ;) You deserve to...
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    Thought Provoking Belly Dance Costumes Part I

    Edited by Amulya: There are 2 of these treads so I have called them part I and part II to make sure there is no confusion, this one is not used anymore for posting, so if you want to post go to part II :) Original post: Removed because of complaints :( (There faces were already on e-bay...
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    heard this one yet?

    Someone sent me this link Belly dancing - Uncyclopedia, the content-free encyclopedia :rolleyes::confused: