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    Hope you're smiling when seeing this photo :)
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    Latino DanceWears -Beautiful Bellydance 2016

    New styles added, Buy NOW before they're gone
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    Latino DanceWears -Beautiful Bellydance 2016

    Charming Dress 2016 New arrival, don't hesitate to pick it up!!!
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    I'm going to.....word game

    Working through the letters of the alphabet, make a sentence that says: Where you are going, how you will get there, what you are taking with you, and what you are going to do while you are there. It doesn't HAVE to be dance related...... and can be imaginary/humorous Example: A I'm going to...
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    Latino DanceWears -Beautiful Bellydance 2016

    Beautiful belly dance 2016 I'm presenting a new belly dance in our new collections! Product code: LT976. Colour: Orange Red (please contact me if you want this costume in another colour). Material: lycra, satin and chiffon. Structure: built in bras and bodysuit/panties. Decoration...
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    Word Association

    Let's play a little word association :p. I'll start with a word or a group of words and someone else follow with a statement that first comes to mind. ;) Chocolate :p
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    The Five Letter Game

    Make a five word sentence / phrase using the letters, in order, given by the previous person. Leave five new letters for the next person. Such as P E A C E And I made: Pooh Eats A Cake Eagerly First up: H I C T O
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    Song Title Game

    There have been games here before involving song titles and performers and words to songs. Here's one I saw on another forum that I will attempt to start here. Poster lists a song title and the performer. Next poster does the same with a song title that contains one of the words contained in...
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    Form a new word by changing one letter

    Change just one letter and rearrange the letters to form a new word. For example, you if the word was "bait", you could change it to "bats" or "stab". Starting word Dance
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    Hello, I'm a newbie

    Hello everybody, I'm a new member and I've just attended a Belly dancing club. I'm very glad to meet all of you here. :D
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    Latino DanceWears -Beautiful Bellydance 2016

    Latino Dance Wears was founded in March 2007. We create fascinating and exciting original dance wear for the discerning competitive as well as the casual dancer. From the initial conception to final stitching, our designs are handled by highly skilled tailors to assure the best quality available...