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    Divaz - award winning UK bellydance troupe

    Hello all! Just wanted to share a video of the bellydance troupe that I am part of. We're based in Poole in England and called 'Divaz'. This video is our 1st place winning performance from the Miss Bellydance UK competition earlier this year (I'm the blonde, 2nd from the left in the front row...
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    A little clip of me :)

    Hello all, I've not posted a clip of me dancing solo on here before and I've just gotten a clip from a competition I entered thought I'd share! The competition was called Bellydance Trophies and took place in London, England. This video is my dance from the qualifying round of...
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    Performance skills dvds?

    Hello everyone :) Can any of you recommend any good tutorial dvds about stage presence/performance skills? I appreciate this is something which is very difficult to learn/give instruction on, but I'm hoping there might be something available. I feel like my performance skills and expression...
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    Please help me with the name of this song!

    Dear all, I recognise the song in this clip and I know the video says it's Ya Baladi Ya Wad but I'm not sure that's right (this isn't me dancing, it's just a clip I found which features the song)... Ya baladi ya wad - YouTube I've danced to a version of Ya Baladi Ya Wad before and thought at...
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    Took part in my first competition!

    Hello everyone, I just wanted to post about my experience after taking part in a competition for the first time! The competition was Miss Belly Dance UK and I had a really great day and met so many lovely dancers. The competitions were judged by UK dancers Gwen Booth, Yvette Cowles and Kay...
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    Miss Bellydance UK 2011 - 27.03.2011

    Dear All, The Miss Bellydance UK 2011 competition is taking place on Sunday 27th March 2011! The venue for the event is Poole Grammar School Gravel Hill, Poole, Dorset, England, BH17 9JU. The competition categories are: *Oriental solo *Fusion solo *Oriental group and a just for fun comedy...
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    British Belly Dance Awards 2011 - anyone know anything about it?

    I just googled the term UK belly dance competition and this came up. Anyone know anything about it? There aren't really any specifics about what is involved :think: British Belly Dance awards 2011 ( National Event ) - UK -
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    Photo shoot advice

    Hello all, I am in the process of arranging to have some photos taken (excited!). I just wondered, are there any tips you can give about make-up, poses etc? I would appreciate the advice. Would you ladies wear the same amount of make-up as you do when performing normally or a bit more than...
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    Dealing with negativity and criticism

    Hello all, Can anyone suggest some points or phrases that can be used to help you stay grounded and not succumb to negativity and destructive criticism? For example, I once saw comments about how a belly dancer ‘should’ look in terms of weight, discounting anyone who looked any different. The...
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    Anti-government protests in Egypt - Now Libya

    I just found the time to read about what is happening in Egypt after hearing about protests going on there this week: BBC News - Egypt protests: Three killed in 'day of revolt' and the BBC live news stream: BBC News - Egypt unrest I feel very lucky to live in a country where the political...
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    Do any of you take supplements of any kind? I've just started taking cod liver oil and glucosamine combined as I've suffered knee pain. As I'm only young I think I need to keep my eye on it because I shouldn't really suffer knee pain for long unless there is some sort of underlying condition...
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    Mohamed Kazafy workshop - South East England - Feb 2011

    Dear all, MOHAMED KAZAFY WORKSHOP! The Egyptian master teacher Mohamed Kazafy, dancer of the world famous Reda Troupe, is coming to the UK this February! This event is being organised by Khaled Mahmoud. The first workshop that is arranged has already sold out, but if enough people are...
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    Ranya Renee - Workshop - 26th January 2011

    Dear all, Study with Ranya Renée in London The wonderful Ranya Renée of New York City is coming to London later this month and is doing a workshop! I have been responsible for organising this so please contact me if you are interested. Please find details below: When: Wednesday 26th January...
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    Music editing software?

    Hi all, Forgive me if there is a thread on this already (I had a quick look and couldn't see any). Do you know of any good music editing software suitable for a complete novice? :confused: Essentially, I just want to take a bit out of a song so that it isn't so long. Can anyone recommend...
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    Warming up your back and knees?

    Hi all, Can any of you give me some advice about ways to warm up your back and knees before dancing? Just wondering as I sit in an office all day and I think my knees and back could really do with a good stretch and warm up before I dance. Thanks for your help Corylus x
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    Modern music?

    Hi all, Can anyone recommend a cd with good modern music on it? Or a particular modern song? I don't know if I am using the right term for it but I am thinking along the lines of Nourhanne's version of 'Habibi ya Eini' or something like 'Heya Di Yasmina' by Yasmina of Cairo. I am looking for...
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    Video of us dancing Khaleeji

    Hello all, Just thought I'd share a video with you from a recent performance. This is me (in green) my teacher Shona Hagan (in pink) and friend Chris Owen (in blue) dancing Khaleeji at the Wessex Arabic Dance Association (UK) show. There is a cringe-worthy moment where I forgot a hair swish...
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    The Babybliss girls

    Dear all, Wasn't sure if this is the best section to post this link in but here it is. I'd never heard of this group until my lunch break today when I was searching the web. They are a London based Belly Dance group; you may recognise one of them from Britain's got talent (she was part of a...
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    what is this piece called?

    YouTube - Turkish Belly Dancing ((Mezdeke)) The piece of music on this link, does anyone know who it is by or what it is called? Or, can anyone suggest a drum solo cd with similar music on it? Thanks! xx
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    Any good Turkish BD music cds?

    Dear all, Do any of you know any good Turkish Belly Dance music cds? Thanks for your help x