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    So confused!!!

    Thank you for replying! Couldn’t put my finger on it, by whoosh I meant lacking technique. I don’t mean discouragement towards diversification in BD but from my eye it’s become an empty market selling show with less artistic knowledge. By skinshow- what you said, skanky costumes in Cairo which...
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    So confused!!!

    Hi there! I’m kind of writing this in distress, please do not judge me for I’m speaking my mind without putting anything in bad or good. I’m so tired of watching video of BD on Instagram of these dancers in Egyptian weddings which people deem as BD. I feel it has become more of a skinshow (pls...
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    Difficult Songs

    I have been only three years in belly dance now so I’m still a beginner! But I find fan veils very boring (not difficult but boring. Dance wise I feel drum solo is hard for me rn.