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    Handmade Belly Dance Accessories!

    Hi everyone! I just started making and selling belly dance accessories. Mostly I make hairpieces and jewelry, but I'm delving into just about anything. Please check out my etsy store: and find me on Facebook:
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    YouTube Copyright Question

    Hi everyone! I've been posting videos for my troupe's performances, and often I'm getting them blocked in certain countries because of copyright infringement of the songs. Is there a way to avoid this? How do I credit the song and songwriter? It's not like I'm saying the song is mine, just the...
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    Performance videos!

    Hi everyone! I'm posting a link to videos of my first big performance with my class/troupe! Please let me know what you think :) I'm the redhead! Here's our youtube channel: ClassyCombinations - YouTube
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    Hello from the US!

    Hi everyone! I am fairly new to bellydance, but have quickly formed a love for it! I began taking classes in January, and I am also in a university student bellydance group. I'm a bit unusual in style as I really like to dance to heavy metal!! I hope to post some videos soon and get some...