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    Bellydance costumes Handmade in egypt

    Hello, I have bellydance costumes and accessories for example galabaya falahi or saidi and kardan or bor2a3 or coins necklace and anklet or malaya laf . Hop you visit my Website ,like my work and buy from it :) Thanks for your time
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    Handmade bellydance costume egyptain style

    Will be happy if you visit my store in Etsy I have bellydance costumes egyptain style
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    Hi all

    Hi I'm bosy ,Female 29 from Egypt Have bazar in egypt buying Egyptain products, Will be happy if i have friends here Any Questions??!! Thanks
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    How can I measure the top piece b or c or d??

    Hello How I measure the top piece in egypt 38 to 52 in cm to be b or c or d ?? Heights or weights ?? Thanks for your replies