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  1. azizaaltawil

    Hi Everyone! Hope all are dancing!

    Hi Everyone! Hope all are dancing!
  2. azizaaltawil

    Egyptian Chick Magazine for Halloween-October 2017 is here!

    Halloween Egyptian Chick Magazine is out! Desideria on the ground in Puerto Rico, Middle Eastern Costuming & Pro Wrestling, Italian Turkish belly dancer Angelina Altishin. An interesting issue! http://
  3. azizaaltawil

    Belly Dancer Trapped in Puerto Rico

    Hi everyone! Don't know if I can post this here but I'm very distressed about a friend of mine in Puerto Rico who has a terrible situation. Please read-she has so many days to get a place and is trying to at least raise a grand. She really wants to come back to United States mainland now. To...
  4. azizaaltawil

    Egyptian Chick Magazine for May-forget to post Before!

    Exciting issue for May-forgot to share here sooner-almost time for June's issue-LOL.
  5. azizaaltawil

    Egyptian Chick Magazine April Cherokee Belly Dancer Artist - the late Jan Gallione

    Hope Everyone enjoys the passionate story of the late Jan Gallione and her husband Adrian Frost of the British art family. http://
  6. azizaaltawil

    Nejma and her Crcchet Costume in Toronto-Ne Egyptian Chick Mag out for Feb

    Happy Valentine's Day a few days early! The new "Egyptian Chick Magazine" is out for February. Nejma and her Crochet Costume in Toronto, the "Mystery Belly Dancer" with William Shatner in 1974 and other topics like Dabke around the world and Armenian museum honor. Copy and paste this link to...
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    Vintage Belly Dance Photos 8X10 Glossies from 1960's Johanna and Oasis NYC Collection

    Hi everyone! Thought that if there were any vintage original photo connoisseurs out there they would be glad to know that there are original 8X10 glossies on Ebay now of Johanna and the Oasis company from 1960's NYC. There are even a few selections left by famed theatre photographer Martha...
  8. azizaaltawil

    Esma Redsepova "The Queen of the Gypsies" has Passed Away!

    I was very saddened to hear about Esma passing away, I did a special tribute to her in a supplement post to "Egyptian Chick" magazine. There is a link to a video tribute I did to her too. If you go to you will see the article and a few photos. Scroll down from that and...
  9. azizaaltawil

    Diverse Dabke Techinique

    Hi folks, wonder if anyone has ever taken this course. I remember that Dabke is so interesting because there are so many versions of it. I grew up with a Syrian version that you don't see much anymore.
  10. azizaaltawil

    New Egyptian Chick Magazine is Out for November

    Hi folks, "Remembering Yasmela," "Gifts from Eleni," Vintage Dancers, etc.
  11. azizaaltawil

    New Egyptian Chick Magazine for September Is Out

    Hi folks, thought you might like to know my cultural magazine for September is out. Some of the interesting articles this month are about "La Meri's Shawl," Juan Martinez and Antonita, the thirtieth anniversary of the "Ramasses the Great" Tour of North America, and Ruth St. Denis. La Meri is on...
  12. azizaaltawil

    Download Video Classes Starting with Aziza plus private Skype Analysis

    For more information go to this link [URL=""] This is a descriptive page at "Egyptian Chick Magazine." The series begins in late September and is registering now. (The classes are downloads that you do...