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    Places in NY to go see BD

    I'm going to be in New York City next week to do the tourist thing. Does anyone know of specific restaurants or other venues to see good belly dancing? Online, it seems as if every ME restaurant has a dancer/dancers, but I'd equally be up for a student or pro show.
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    Balancing...Tips? Tricks?

    I have foolishly committed to a duo with a friend for our upcoming Halloween Hafla which will involve balancing a beer bottle on my head. I found a 1 litre bottle that has a nice broad base and seems to have a good centre of gravity, but I'd appreciate any tips folks might have. I've been told...
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    Hello :)

    Hi, I'll be going by my dance name here, so I'm Sidra. I've been belly dancing for roughly 4 years and perform with a local student troupe here in Saskatchewan (Canada...this is easily the most international board I've encountered!). In my non-bd life I am (in no particular order) a civil...