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  1. ezmasiddiqah

    Cds for sale with listen links added where I could find them

    Hi Ladies - I am using my sold legend dress thread to put my cds for sale into. disregard posts 2 ad 3, thanks! I have gone through my cds and would like to sell some for good prices. Have added listen links where I could find them. Happy to answer any questions you might have. Paypal...
  2. ezmasiddiqah

    Greetings from Fargo, North Dakota!

    Hi dancers! Thought I would introduce myself since I plan on spending lots of time here. I am a hobbyist dancer (oriental), been dancing for 7+ years. Was in a semi-pro troupe but now am dancing with another lovely lady, duets! Own a graphic design company which keeps me busy, am very close to...
  3. ezmasiddiqah

    vintage fuschia/gold bedlah, "A Show Stopper Original" ( $125) -SOLD

    Hi Dancers - I buy and sell most of my costumes on bhuz, but they have put a third party middleman in the swap meet, and I don't want to use it. So Hello, I've got 9,000 posts over on bhuz and have been there since February of 2008, so people know me and am a trustworthy seller and buyer...