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  1. seona

    Ya albi

    I have a CD which I won in a competition :D and I really love a track on there called ya albi. The CD is called street music of Cairo, it's a compilation and annoyingly only gives track names not the singer! I've looked it up & found a link to a thread on bhuz which discusses the song but no...
  2. seona

    Name of film? help please :)

    I am looking for a film and I am positive that there was a thread here, I have searched but couldn't find. I think it is set in France and it is about a young girl who is either Moroccan or Algerian, her father owns a cafe and she dances! Ring any bells? thanks!
  3. seona

    Dancing mania

    I read a while ago about this, dance mania or the dancing plague,( seems flash mobs are not a new thing haha!) The dancing plague of 1518 started with just one woman dancing madly in a street, for days and within a month hundreds had joined in. Some would dance to death through exhaustion! It...
  4. seona

    wow! amazing hoop

    Amazing Hula Hoop Dance - YouTube This is really impressive, to me! And I just love the 2nd comment down on youtube - ''man, I'd hate to be the next M***** f***** on that talent show'' ha ha! The vid doesn't give any details from what I can see, so unsure who it is/where/what. Enjoy! The hoop...
  5. seona

    Omar Khorshid Laylet Hob

    For a long time now I've wanted Omar Khorshids version of Laylet Hob. I believe it's on an album called rhythms from the Orient. I can't seem to find it to buy anywhere :( If anyone happens to know where I can purchase either just Laylet Hob or the whole album, then please get in touch. I can...
  6. seona

    cup size confusion!

    How can a costume fit a C cup or D cup? (at the sametime) :confused: There's some right now advertised on the forum and it say's will fit either C or D cup, I'm a D and I know for a fact I'd spill out of a C cup! I've seen a few cossies lately that seem to be advertised as 'one size fits...
  7. seona

    DVD's for sale

    * Sadie's complete belly dance guide £8 inc p&p SOLD * Hannan Sultan (live class) arms and hands £10 inc p&p Both only used a couple of times eta The case for the Sadie dvd has cracked slightly inside SADIE DVD SOLD
  8. seona

    baladi and Saidi dress...differences?

    Is there a difference? You see different styles from the fitted ones to the looser style ( Fifi Shisha dance) I see them for sale listed as baladi,saidi or Galabeya. I know Galabeya is a traditional clothing and can be used a term for these dresses, but I would like to know if there are...
  9. seona

    playing for change

    I thought I'd share some love this morning, and let you peeps know about this project - playingforchange, a movement set up to connect the world through music. Sounds great to me, beats fighting! Playingforchange is a project that came about due to a common belief that music has the power to...
  10. seona


    Fakelore? Can someone please explain? I see the term frequently and have often wondered the meaning. Thanks.
  11. seona

    Dancer's who drum

    Here is a clip of Soraya drumming, has anyone else got any clips they'd like to share of dancers who drum? Or know of dancers that drum? Or any interesting stories or info. I'm sure I've read before of some very famous dancers who drum, just can't remember! (Hope link works)
  12. seona


    I'm curious about your thought's and experiences with workshop's and festivals. Which do you prefer, a workshop that is just one day or a weekend festival where you may take several workshop's in a day over a period of a few day's? Reason I'm asking is that I've only ever been to a 'day...
  13. seona

    Nagwa Fouad interview

    Here's Nagwa in a recent interview with a brief written translation. It's a very interesting look into Nagwa's thought's. Here we go - let's hope I can link it ok! YouTube - Nagwa Fouad Interview
  14. seona

    Hekmet Fahmy anyone?

    I read about Hekmet Fahmy a while ago and am intrigued to know if any footage of her dancing exsits? Hekmet got caught up in the second world war and was imprisoned in 1942 for 2 years as she was suspected of spying for the Germans. She danced at the Kitkat cabaret club. I can't find much info...
  15. seona


    Hi peeps, can someone explain the rep system for me please. I looked on faq and I'm still in the dark lol I understand that if someone posts something that you strongly agree with or makes a fantastic post you can add to their reputation by pressing the add to rep icon. Is it limited the amount...
  16. seona

    hiya! from UK

    Nice to meet you all! I've been a passionate fan of music for forever and have been dancing for a few years now and I love it! :D Wish I'd found these forums earlier!