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  1. Reen.Blom

    Happy World Belly Dance Day 2011! (5th year!)

    Many happy Shimmies to ya'all!!! Welcome to World belly Dance Day website! Our mission is to unite the initiative of dancers around the world to celebrate the wonderful art of belly dance as a holiday on the second Saturday in May every year. We got inspired by the idea of holding an...
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    Belly Skypes Private Classes with Ansuya via Skype

    Belly Skypes Now folks, have anyone ever seen or done something like that?:shok::shok::shok: I find it quite amusing! Of course it does have limitations, but idea is priceless. Anyone for a private lesson with Ansuya?
  3. Reen.Blom

    Rachel Brice's New DVD: Serpentine

    2-7Ud41rlIs Anyone has it yet? Sounds like a terrific amount of instruction! This one is next on my wishlist! :dance::dance::dance:
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    World Belly Dance Day 2010

    Hallo everyone! World Belly Dance Day is coming closer, it almost feels like new years!! In a couple of hours we shimmy the world!! Its a short notice, but would you consider as part of your celebrations to record a little video message, not more than 1 min long wishing everyone Happy World...
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    Bellydancers for Charities

    Hey folks, I have been thinking, Its a New Year and another World bellydance day celebration coming!:think: Now it is really awesome to see how many dancers help different charities every year, ranging from collecting canned food for a food bank to raising money for different causes.:dance: In...
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    Bra 2 Blame?

    Now that might sound weird, but the 'so angry thread' made me remember something I was wondering about for a while.... We were talking about the image of the dance and its reputation.... prostitution in some countries, burlesque in others, youTube full of 'bedroom dancers'(the tacky kind),harem...
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    Being Creative?

    Mmmmm.... Anyone into classical music? :cool::cool::cool: Rlk59xdM_YY DKT429-8pTQ _GabHGlGm14
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    Tribal/Tribal Fusion Forum

    Can we please have such a section? For those of us who would want to discuss tribal affairs.... Please?:D
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    A song for the Ladies

    Here is for you, Ladies, a song from some soap opera. I really love it, I find the lyrics very inspiring and maybe even empowering. Excuse my clumsy translation, have not used my Spanish in years! Hope you like the song! Hugs, reen.blom B7obuWQelOU Yo soy una Mujer Maggie Carles yo...
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    Sauna and Steam Room

    Hiya everyone!! Anybody ever goes to sauna or steam room? I have been to a sauna a couple of times in my life, was nice. Now the gym I joined has the facilities, although i have not seen anyone use (maybe I just go at funny times). So what you think of the whole thing, have...
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    Latcho Drom

    Seen anyone? It is so super colourful! Awesome! w8cZL37Y_Wk
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    Mineral makeup, what about it?

    Hi everyone! I have read in lots of threads people recommend mineral makeup. So what its all the rage about? How it is better? I have seen ebay sellers recommended. Typing in a search i found lots of shops. eBay Store: Search results for bare minerals. eBay UK Shop - bare minerals...
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    Inspiring Singer

    Another Britain Got Talent contestant 9z0h1NNk1Ik
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    Now, to cheer up things, post here a funny pic, video or a joke. I start with the picture of a funny costume:
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    Signature Issues

    Hi there I have beed trying to edit my signature, it keeps on telling me 'Your signature cannot be longer than 110 characters including BB code markup.' But my new signature is only 49 characters including spaces. When I hit preview it shows it correctly, however when i hit save it gives me...
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    Costume Inspiration- Image of the Dance

    Costume "Inspiration" - Image of the Dance Inspired by 'Image of the dance' thread
  18. Reen.Blom

    Outtakes from BD-TV Volume 1

    Heeeheheh I never knew Ansuya is such a nut case.... LOL I think she's so funny. My fiance found that one on youTube... gosh, I never thought I messed him up so much so that he would look on youTube for funny bellydance videos... :lol::lol::lol: IcpiBDrDXv8
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    Some Free Belly Dance graphics!

    I have FINALLY uploaded several belly dance pictures, which are my original paintings. I plan to add more later, (maybe even some vector cliparts in a while), but I just cant wait to share the designs with you!:clap::clap::clap: I hope you like the artworks and that you put it to good...
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    World Belly Dance Day 2009 Events

    Hello everyone! I am ready to put your events on the website on this page: World Belly Dance Day Upcoming Events 2009 You can email the details to Lydia, or me, here is the format: 1) Your Country and City 2) Short description of the event 3) Your name/Name of the Dance School and Contact...