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  1. nouraki

    Happy Birthday Farasha Hanem

    Happy birthday !!!!!!! :dance: :yay: :yay: It's a special day for me too.I dont know how Can I call this day.It's not my birthday but Is a special day. :D
  2. nouraki

    Saidi or Dabke?

    Everytime I hear one of my favorite songs of Samira Tawfik, it cross my mind how many versions you can find either from foreign composers or greek. FYI, Ya Ain Moulayetin is (originally) a dabke song. VFVHd2x2x_A From what I can see a lot of us are confused and mislead from the rhythm and the...
  3. nouraki

    Oum Kalthoum Museum!!

    One of the main reasons that contributed to my unlimited love for Egypt...was Oum Kalthoum. In my first and hope not last visit to Egypt, I couldn't have the chance to visit the places that I always dreamed of and I love, like Oum Kalthoum's museum. But a good friend of mine provided me all the...
  4. nouraki

    Music soundtracks from arabic movies

    Hello!!! :D I decided to start e new thread about arabic films and their music theme.Unfortunately, I don't know the composers.I make an attempt to find them. But in any case, the music soundtracks ,it's something that I really like!!!! I hope you like it , too. :pray: Ayoum al sadad...
  5. nouraki

    What type of Khaliji?

    I would like your opinion....please!!!! This is a young girl that is really amazing( I think). I dont know exactly what type of khaliji is this.I think it's Iraqi Style. But I m not aware of this style.I would appreciate if you could give me some information :) 4ceuVtMaFN4&feature=related...
  6. nouraki

    What is this?

    And I m asking as the title....what is this?:think: vyiuwY7Tkyk&feature=sub A new veil dance style...?Hm...I m really confused!:D
  7. nouraki

    To my beloved teacher!

    Maybe, I am off topic, so forgive me. I would like to thank MARIA AYA for her incredible support 2 years now.And those days I realized that I cant without her and her dancing.I can't imagine life without MARIA AYA.Halas! :D aY6hBS5YNRo
  8. nouraki

    My dancing...

    Ahem....:think: I would like to post my dance videos here. Be kind! :D Belly dancing ...I MISS YOU SO MUCH.But After a month ,I am going to dance again.Anyway... :redface: yr7_kiWBb8U PNnP44ni0tA&feature=related
  9. nouraki

    Khaliji songs

    I love listening to this kind of music. Khaliiijiiiiiiiii :dance: I love dancing to them too.But I think I'm not good :D My favourite is the following.Which is yours?;) 8ZV8bGnGwnU
  10. nouraki

    Cute girls in arabic dance

    They are soooo cute.I want to eat them!!! :D :D :D :D :D jssUZewD_zQ&playnext_from=TL&videos=3D4cbgPZF0s&feature=feedu
  11. nouraki

    Ansuya in a greek traditional song.,..??!!??!!

    haGEFMBO8Ow&feature=player_embedded Ahem...I dont know what to say.This is a traditional music from Greece "tsamiko".What Ansuya is doing here?:rolleyes: Ok,this comes first in my mind when I hear it men,mostly, dancing to it in my village.For example: 6iEuX2heUCg&feature=related Please...
  12. nouraki

    What kind of dance is this?

    Hello. I would appreciate if you could explain to me this type of dance. I think he's amazing!!!!:shok: Thank you in advance. D5k1-cj8Jvg