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  1. walladah

    My new blog with dance videos

    Hello my friends! i have finally managed to transfer to a blog most of the videos i had posted on my FB wall the last 5 years and it was impossible to manage in a creative way. The blog has a search machine where you can use keywords to find stuff you are interested in. I collect videos i...
  2. walladah

    Mediterranean Music Online Radio Broadcast

    Well, a collective created a non-commercial, non-for-profit, educational radio station on the internet, barflyradio and asked me to undertake the Mediterranean music broadcast, which is every Friday at 21:00-23:00, greek time (+2 GMT). Sometimes, there will be unscheduled broadcasts, like the...
  3. walladah

    New song from Turkey!

    Hello my friends! I suppose you learned about the uprising in Turkey and the brutal response by the turkish authorities. One of my favourite turkish bands, composed a song especially for the occasion and i think it is bellydanceable, too!
  4. walladah

    Bellydance evolution rules changed?

    Hello my friends! I have searched for a long discussion we have had concerning competitions and there was one about Bellydance evolution too, but i could not find it, to add my post, then i opened this thread. In case moderators can help with the threads, i think this one might fit well to be...
  5. walladah

    Found by chance...

    a very good dance by a very good dancer. I am impressed by her connection to rythm but also by the theatrical stance of Ylluria, who narrates the story of Ella while dancing...
  6. walladah

    Welcome to the 2012 Goblin Calendar!

    Let the goblin celebration begin! :rolleyes::dance:
  7. walladah

    Join the Goblin Calendar 2012!

    According to old Greek customs, Goblins:naghty: are cutting little by little the trunk of the tree on which the world is based:shok::shok:. Just before they cut it entirely, Christmas day arrives and the Goblins are free from the underworld and they come to live in our world for 12 days, till...
  8. walladah

    Join our Goblin Calendar 2011!!!

    Hello my friends! I might not have regular internet access yet, but i am too much of a Goblin not to organise the Goblin Calendar this year, given that last year's Calendar was so much fun (to me at least!!!). You may see what Goblin Calendar was like here...
  9. walladah

    Greek Tsifteteli - Smyrnean style

    ‪?? ????? ??????! ????????? ?????????? ??? ??????‬‏ - YouTube This video shows how, more or less, real women, would dance tsifteteli of the style of Smyrne (Izmir). I am glad i finally managed to find such a good example. Enjoy! I was searching an old discussion about the styles of Greek...
  10. walladah

    The Goblin Calendar!

    This is the Calendar of oriental dancers prone to mischief! Please, feel free to join us - but even if you do not, we will try to tease you anyway!!:lol:
  11. walladah

    Oriental Forum Advent Calendar 2010

    Hello! I wish you all Merry Christmas and Merry to be the days after the winter solstice! [as this is celebrated in all religions]. This is the Oriental Forum Advent Calendar for 2010 and each day the person who has undertaken the day, will offer a treat to the rest as well as to all the...
  12. walladah

    Sign up for Goblin Calendar for the days Dec 25th to Jan 5th

    According to Greek custom the goblins live in the underworld during the entire year, cutting little by little the tree on which the earth is based. At the Christmas Eve the tree trunk stands up on a piece of wood which is tiny as a strandthread. Just before the moment of the world's destruction...
  13. walladah

    An Advent Calendar 2010? Sign up here.

    Hello my friends!:dance: What about an Advent Calendar for December 2010? Are you in? Names in green show the dates that have been a second assignment for a forum member. So, in case a newcomer wants to undertake an assignment for the Advent Calendar, those are the dates available. Please, in...