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    Second Hello

    Hey Zorba! Good to see you again too and refreshing to know that you started at 40. I am loving every bit of it. Hope you've been well.
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    Second Hello

    Hi everyone, I became a member of this forum 7 years ago but then life happened and had to leave this forum and also belly dancing sadly. I started again last month and thought I'd post here again. It feels different being in my 30s and begin belly dancing but I have never felt more invigorated...
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    What do you find tough?

    I know we are all learners for life when it comes to belly dance but what is the one thing you find tough. I am a male dancer and for me, isolated belly movements are the toughest. I find it damn hard to not move any other part of me when I move my belly. what's your tough spot?
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    Male Dancer Costume

    Hi all, I am a new dance brother and am part of a beginners dance group and we have a performance in the coming months. I am the only guy in the group and so my costume is going to me a problem. For rehearsals I wear t-shirts and leggings along with a hip scarf But for performance, everyone is...
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    Hello! Male beginner here from India :)

    I would first of all like to thank Zorba and Salome for helping me fix my account. I am 25 years old male from Bombay, India (the Bollywood city!) and have always been interested in belly dancing. Two months ago, I started classes at a local place and it's wonderful! Lots of nice people and...