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    Shop Like an Egyptian

    Has anyone bought from Shop Like an Egyptian...I get a bad feeling I may be about to run into some trouble with them...
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    Egyptian Style?

    So I
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    Frustration, other teacher of 2nd class

    So I just needed to gripe a bit...I'm part of this one class where a group of us have been together for a while...a while back everyone decided they wanted to start a second class...of course I wanted to go back to my very first teacher (the only reason I had quit her was because of my schedule)...
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    Oum Kalthoum

    I have some Oum Kalthoum instrumental music but I've decided I would like to buy one of her lyrical you all know there at quite a good many of them...anyone have any suggestions for a good first one?
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    Instrumental Pieces that had lyrics-emotion

    I know that when a song has lyrics it is important to know what the lyrics are about so as to display the correct emotions...but what about songs that originally had lyrics but are made into just instrumental pieces...can you just go by the music or should you find out about the lyrics that went...
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    I love New York 2

    i always get excited whenever i'm watching tv and there is bellydancing and came across some dancing while watching I love new york 2 one late late night...
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    Changing from American Oriental to Egyptian

    My very first classes in Bellydance was with an Egyptian style teacher but because of schedule I switched to teachers that are American Oriental...I've been with these teachers now for a year and have made great friends there. For much of the time I did not concern myself with what style I...
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    First Live Improv Drum Solo

    I was so excited this past Saturday at class....we had a drummer sit in during class and at the end of class I was dancing around and the drummer was tinkering and drumming and before I knew it I was doing my first improv drum solo to live drumming...and all eyes in the classroom were on...
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    Showing coming up but burned out

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    So for some reason Ive been wanting a dumbek...I've tried to talk myself into waiting a bit...but I waited long enough and went and got one yesterday...I have no business buying it now...I have no idea how to play it and I don't really have the time to learn...we're just learning cymbals now and...
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    Back from first trip to Egypt

    I'm back from my trip to Egypt and I've got to say wow! I had such a good time. I'm ready to plan my next trip...though I must say I'm happy to be back to fixed prices though I did get some good bargains on some hip scarfs. I got me a beautiful costume...I'm thrilled to death...I just wish I...
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    Videos with corkscrews

    I attended my first workshop this weekend (help!) and one of the moves done was a corkscrew...I think I like it...does anyone know if there are any instructional videos with this move?
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    Happy Easter

    Happy Easter to anyone that celebrates it...
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    What are the top bd DVDs on your to buy list?
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    Well even prior to me becoming obsessed with Bellydance I had been planning a trip to Egypt this year. Now with that I am into the dance it changes things a little bit. I had planned on doing a Geckos tour but now I'm not sure. I could perhaps do the tour and then stay a couple of extra days...
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    Hafla & food

    My class is having a hafla, it is a small class of around 15 but there may be a few extras. We were not able to finish making arrangements before class ended so now we are asked to email what we will bring. I'm curious what type of food should I bring? Just normal food or something more...
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    Dance in the community

    One thing I would like for my teacher to mention more of the dance goings on in the community...I just noticed on the website that I missed a performance at my own college where the troupe performed...I think some of them perform at a local restaurant but they have never mentioned it in...
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    Well the workshop I mentioned before, (Aziza of Montreal) I decided not to attend but there is supposed to be a recital/performance the first day in the evening that I will attend. Do they usually allow camaras?
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    If you have to cancel class

    I was just curious of the instructors if you had to cancel a class what would you do? Would you add another class on the end? Give a small refund? Or just cancel the class and that be it?
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    First Workshop

    How long had you been dancing when you attended your first workshop? What was the topic? I'm just wondering when I should start. I'm wondering if anything that isn't labeled for beginners would be for more experienced dancers?