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  1. Caroline_afifi


    who are the current moderators on this forum?
  2. Caroline_afifi

    Sha'abi to Oriental trip to Egypt

    Sha'abi to Oriental Trip to Egypt with Caroline Afifi I will also be joined by Caroline Thorpe and Sherif Afifi Dates.. Friday 4th to Saturday 12th March 2011 This trip is designed for dancers who wish to keep the focus of their trip based on dance in and around Cairo and dig beneath the...
  3. Caroline_afifi

    recognising Bull****

    Do members of this forum not recognise when someone joins the forum just to mock them? Someone is bouncing between the forums setting up IP addresses in various countries and the only way to end it is to recognise it and then not indulge. I have made these mistakes myself on one or two occasions.
  4. Caroline_afifi

    Egypt LIVE!

    Egypt Live! Behind the Sphinx & the Sequins With Caroline and Shira Join Caroline Afifi and Shira for a unique adventure into Egypt’s Egypt. We’ll introduce you to not only the popular tourist activities that everyone wants to do, but we’ll also provide you with the opportunity to experience a...
  5. Caroline_afifi

    Caroline in Las Vegas and Seattle

    Mark your calenders Ladies! DREAM MAKER EVENTS Presents LV Mini-Workshop Series with CAROLINE AFIFI In her USA Debut in Las Vegas! Oct 17, 2010 Don't miss this exciting and fun day of Middle Eastern Dance education in...
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    LAAF wins award!!!

    As one of the proud founder members of this festival (and still a very active partner) I am so pleased to announce...:dance::clap::dance::clap: Media Release 4 May 2010 LIVERPOOL ARABIC ARTS FESTIVAL a celebration of Arabic arts and culture 02 – 11 July 2010 Liverpool Arabic Arts...
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    Karim Nagi

    YouTube - "Tahteeb" Saidi Egyptian Cane Dance by Karim Nagi what can people tell me about Karim Nagi? Is he a musician who does some dancing or is he both? thanks :D
  8. Caroline_afifi

    Liverpool Arab Arts festival

    As one of the active partners for the Liverpool Arab Arts Festivals..I am extremely excited to announce my personal highlight for 2010!! Liverpool Philharmonic : Events - Contemporary Music : Mohamed Mounir I hope for those of you in the UK you will put this date in your diaries and support us...
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    It's not too late to book onto this truly fabulous festival... here are clips of some of the line of up of teachers at the next festival April 16th 18th not to mention the new feature.. a belly dance competition on Friday 16th April! YouTube - Amir Thaleb - Ahwak YouTube - Khaled Mahmoud at...
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    a slightly complex question

    Can American Cabaret/Oriental travel across sea's as a legitimate dance form? does it work in the context as 'Amcab' outside of America? I have been thinking about his for a while because we do not have a style here in the UK called Amcab, but we do have a version of this dance which looks...
  11. Caroline_afifi

    experimental or tribal fusion?

    This clip has been uploaded onto another forum and also on facebook and via emails.. Seeing as OD is still is a 'discussion' forum, how do people define this dance? It is tagged as 'belly dance', which in my opinion it clearly isnt.. because despite everything I do think Belly dance is clearly...
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    It's not just us..

    For anyone who has seen 'Got to dance' on Sky you will have seen Emily. Emily joined the competition with a dance known as 'Freestyle'. This dance combines Latin, Ballet, gymnastics and something else I believe. There has been some discussion amongst 'dance experts' about whether or not she...
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    Casino El Layl

    I just want to say a big thank you to the fabulous dancers who performed at Casino El Layl in Liverpool last Saturday. It was a fundraising event for Just Because, and two childrens orphanages in Cairo. The event was a huge success. The next one is Saturday 25th September and hopefully we will...
  14. Caroline_afifi

    really dodgy song..

    This is one of the most dodgy songs I have ever come across... YouTube - essam shaban abd elrehim, ???? ????? ??? ??????.???? ?????. 'God bless the real time of the art and artists its gone now...' This is what he says.. Then..:mad: ' SHAME about the manners and respect and the unrespectful...
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    What does the style..

    'Modern Cairo' mean to you? How is it different from other styles and how does it look to you, how would you describe it compared to the style say 15 years ago? :D
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    Egypt with Leyla Amir

    These are the details of Leyla Amir's fabulous tour of Egypt in April! There are still a few places left... if you are interested in more information contact Leyla at Leyla Amir :dance: These are the latest important updates for classes in Egypt during the tour April 2-12. There is also a...
  17. Caroline_afifi

    how people classify their styles for teaching

    well, I have to look at this as a question with regards to our approach as to 'what is belly dance?' Some people include folk styles amongst this classification. I am interested to know and how people classify their styles for teaching etc. I tend to think we all have a different approach to...
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    How do we handle critique as teachers? How do we want to recieve critique as students? how honest are we when we give and recieve critique? How do we offer critique in terms of teaching practice?
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    Workshop and haflah in Devon

    ZUKRA (KINGSBRIDGE BELLY DANCE CIRCLE) PRESENTS Workshop with Caroline Afifi is 1.30-4pm in Methodist Hall, Fore Street, Kingsbridge Haflah Belly dance performance and party with live music and bazaar, at Kingbridge Arms Hotel 7.30pm - 11.00pm 5 or 6 pounds on the door. Tickets from Tourist...
  20. Caroline_afifi

    Joy 2010

    Jewel of Yorkshire - Home Another great festival line up with guest artist Amir Thaleb YouTube - Amir Thaleb & The Arabian Dance Company Yasmina of Cairo and many many more!! Go to website and click 'box office' for details of workshops :D