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  1. ShiroiOji

    Common Abbreviations

    For the sake of newbies and thick people, is it possible to have a list of common abbreviations? I get wicked confused with some of the abbreviations that get thrown about in here...
  2. ShiroiOji

    MED and pop stars

    I was wondering what people think about pop stars using MED in their videos. For example, Hilary Duff does in one of her more recent singles, Stranger, as you see here. Stranger - Hilary Duff While I know it's pretty much fusion and not completely MED because of the music, I think it's pretty...
  3. ShiroiOji

    Choosing a name

    I've noticed that a lot of you have really cool dancer's names and all, and I was wondering how you went about choosing them. What did you draw on for inspiration? Or did some of you just open a book and search until you found something that seemed to fit?
  4. ShiroiOji

    Piercings and other jewelry

    Hey guys! As a newbie to the dance scene and all, and as someone who has his navel pierced, I was wondering what ideas people have about piercings and other jewelry on male dancers. Pictures and descriptions would totally be appreciated, since I think this could be a fun thing to discuss!
  5. ShiroiOji

    Nice to be here!

    Hey, I am new to dancing, but from what I have seen so far, I really love it, and I am looking forward to taking a lot more classes in the future. Is there a good community of dancers here? I don't know how much talking people do on the subject, but I would love to learn a lot form y'all! :D