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  1. Mark_Balahadia

    Samara in retro Lebanese TV:

    "El ra'asa Samara" (The dancer Samara). She's throwing roses because the song is is about "ward" (roses). YouTube - SAMARA belly dance??????? ?????
  2. Mark_Balahadia

    Taheya Carioca singing in a movie

    YouTube - Taheya car-uca Eygptain legend bellydancer part 2 I knew she could sing and I've heard her sing before...but this has to be my favorite performance I've seen yet. Too amazing and beautiful for words <3 And the song is so beautiful, romantic and sexy :)
  3. Mark_Balahadia

    Syrian Oriental Dance

    YouTube - jude - ya boo agaal Singer "Juude" with unknown belly dancer. This is definitely authentic belly dance but it's quite different from Egyptian style (it pretty obvious, I think). The belly dancing done in Syria is close to Lebanese although some dancers opt for no heels when they...
  4. Mark_Balahadia

    Jalil, Male Ra'asa

    I stumbled upon this clip on youtube and I thought I'd like to share it with you: I've gotten some emails from Argentina about this guy but this is the first time I've seen him dance: YouTube - JALIL JALIL Male Dancer Super Star from Argentina His music choice is a bit funny. It's like...
  5. Mark_Balahadia

    Mark Balahadia: New clips of me on youtube!

    Check it out and I love my new costume. Hope you guys like it! Zay el Hawa: YouTube - Mark Balahadia - Part One Tabli Solo: YouTube - Mark Balahadia - Part Two And not so new - Ya Dala3: YouTube - Ya Dala3 And no so new - Mizmar Jabali: YouTube - mark Balahadia
  6. Mark_Balahadia

    Moi on youtube

    JhBLqCBmA7U Dancing to a Samia Jamal song :)
  7. Mark_Balahadia

    Suha Azar in DC!

    Suha Azar, a Master Lebanese Oriental dance teacher will be in the DC area in late September for a series of workshops. For more information, please check out - Mark B.
  8. Mark_Balahadia

    My video on youtube!

    Just wanted to share my new video I posted on youtube. Unfortunately, the video is a bit dark but you can still see me dance. Anyway, let me know what you guys think! - Mark B. Munx1A5YQhk
  9. Mark_Balahadia

    Suha Azar in the United States

    Suha Azar, a Master Lebanese Oriental Dance teacher from Beirut, Lebanon will be coming to the US this fall around September/October. If you are interested in hosting her for a workshop series (she is a fabulous and knowledgeable teacher) then please check out her website at or...