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    Culturally insensitive?

    I'm dancing with a new troupe, and have done three performances with them now. There are often Middle Eastern people in our audience and generally they seem to enjoy our performances - except for one dance. It's to "Salaam Aleikum" by Hakim. As soon as we start dancing it, the smiles...
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    What to wear for Sha'abi

    I have a shaabi routine that I love, but I'm much too fat to dance it in tight jeans. What can I wear for shaabi? I have a nice baladi dress but it's a lace one, maybe a bit too elegant...
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    Didem - is this a Turkish move??

    In this video, at around the 4.36 mark, Didem does a sort of up-and-down butt quiver. Is this a Turkish move? We're having a bit of a discussion on Facebook on whether this is a legitimate belly dance move or a variation on the twerk.
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    Copying Choreography off Youtube?

    I've joined a new school and one of the other girls has asked if I'd do a duet with her. We're spookily well matched (I actually got mistaken for her at a performance the other week), so we'd make a good duo. We've started talking about what to dance, and she sent me a couple of Youtube clips...
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    How much belly must a belly cover cover?

    I know that in Egypt, a "belly cover" is essential, but what does that mean? I think I've seen some mention that it is, in fact, just the navel area - so something like this dress would count as a belly cover, even though it shows quite a bit of tummy. Is that true?
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    Beledi, Baladi, how do you define it?

    I've just moved to a new town and a new teacher. She tells me that she only teaches Beledi. This has got me thinking - do I really know what it is? I know it means the dance of everyday people rather than performance dance, but what does that really mean in terms of style? And if it's...
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    Why Belly Dance is Waning in the UK?

    I've been in England for six months and have been doing a fair bit of touring around various towns, as we try to decide where/if we want to settle longer-term. What strikes me is that if I wasn't already a belly dancer, I would think belly dance didn't exist anywhere in England! It's...
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    There's more than a few dance teachers who need to read this article!
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    Belly dance classes in UK - Directory? Southampton?

    I recall there used to be a great directory for belly dance in the UK - anyone know where it's gone/who owned it? Is it still in existence somewhere? Also anyone know of bd classes in Southampton?
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    New Events Calendar for Australia

    I have just launched a new Events calendar for Australia, which will be taking over from the one formerly offered by It is an Australian events calendar, but I do want to include some courses and festivals overseas - the kind of festivals which would be worth travelling...
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    Using other's choreography

    A couple of years ago, I did a few performances at old folks' homes. They were arranged by my teacher, so I had no qualms about using her choreography. I had to move on from that teacher because she cut back on teaching, and didn't have a suitable class for me. Now I have the chance to do...
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    Costume for mixed dances - shaabi, sword

    I'm in a dilemma. I've been asked to do a performance at a community fair. The two dances I'd like to do are a Shaabi number and a Sword dance. I have a gorgeous gold lycra galabeyah which I normally wear for the shaabi, but obviously that would be totally wrong for the sword dance. I have...
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    Free Belly Dance Classifieds

    I've just launched a new, free, Classifieds section of my website. It's tough trying to sell preloved costumes these days, so the more places you list them, the better. So advertise your costumes on my site as well as here! Go to BellyDanceOzClassifieds
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    Future of Local Belly Dance Costume Stores

    I'm wondering, how many of you still buy belly dance costumes and accessories from local stores (either bricks&mortar or online) and how many are going direct to Egypt for their supplies? I have an opportunity to be involved in a local store. It makes a solid profit right now, but I just have...
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    Write a DVD Review

    I've just introduced a new feature on my Bellydance Bazaar and Tribal websites, where you can write your own DVD reviews. If you write a review, you can include a link to your own website, or to the product itself (affiliate links allowed) so it can be useful publicity for yourself as well as...
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    Importing a sword to the UK

    Hi Can anyone tell me what the current situation is with swords in the UK? I've found a few threads from a couple of years ago, talking about restrictions on swords due to changes in weapons laws. From what I can see, owning a sword is not a problem, and buying a sword from a UK store is also...
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    25% off Belly Dance Teacher Training Course

    Shemiran Ibrahim is offering 25% off her teacher training course right now. Just quote coupon code FORUM when purchasing. You can order it here: Darshiva did the course and has great things to say about it. Shemiran was my very first...
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    Slight hiccup on sign-in

    Just a small problem but an irritating one. For the last month or so, every time I sign in, I get the message "Invalid Redirect URL", and I have to hit the Back button in my browser to get into the forums.
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    Belly Dance Lessons Online - anyone know this teacher?

    I came across this site: Belly Dance Lessons Online - Home I'm curious if anyone knows the teacher? It sounds like an Australian accent but I don't recognise her (not that I know every dance teacher in Oz by any means, but thanks to my website, I do know most of the main ones).
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    Making a belly dance bra fit

    I'm just back from a cruise which included two days in Istanbul, where I bought myself a new bedlah. I was soooo pleased because the belt actually fits (all the ones I can get in Australia are always too small). I thought the bra fitted reasonably well, too - but now I've got it home, I realise...