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    I Got Music!

    :D My lovely fiance bought me a vintage cd of bellydance music, called The Best of George Abdo and his Flames of Araby Orchestra. And I love it! :D The pamphlet with the cd explains the ethnic backgrounds of each song (and how he fused sometimes, Greek and Arabic) and gives the meaning of each...
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    The reason I used this title is because I`m in a dilemma about dance style. I live in an isolated area, with no contact with other dancers beyond the net (!) I am interested in Raqs Sharqi but having read some of the older threads especially, am wondering if that is what I should be...
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    I was wondering what the general attitude to physical beauty in dancers is, where everyone lives? Here in the West I tend to think it can be rather shallow....maybe understandably, an audience would obviously rather look at a young, pretty girl dancing, than a middle aged housewife? I`m a newbie...
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    Instructional DVD

    I just bought (am waiting for coming from America :) ) Sarah Skinner`s I Love Turkish Bellydance dvd...being scrupulously honest, between most of the dvd`s I saw it was the added attraction of it having a section on costume making that swung it for me. :D Does anyone have this, though, and if...
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    Home Made Costumes..Which Style For Which Dance?

    Coins, or fringing, eek? :confused: I make my own costumes, fairly simple things, simply because I don`t have the money to buy a custom made one and those I`ve seen for sale in many places online don`t cater for someone with my size of boobs which aren`t huge but coupled with a narrow back...
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    Raqs Sharqi

    Ok, this is my first time trying to put a video on, hope it works. :) Can I encourage comments on this please? Is this a good example of Raqs Sharqi, is the dance well performed and pleasing? I ask for these reasons... Raqs Sharqi is the kind of dance I`d most like learn, from the styles I`ve...
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    Hiding The Face?

    The weird bellydance accessories thread got me thinking....there are some face veils in there (and a weird seafood costume, eek! :shok:) But I was wondering where the face veil tradition in dance came from, if there is one? Please forgive any ignorance on this subject. When I made my first...
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    At the moment, I`m dancing just at home. During summer though I`m putting on a little performance for my fiance as part of a picnic on one of our beaches which is, thankfully, sandy. :) But at home, I`m finding dancing hard on my feet. My house is carpeted but my feet still hurt. What do others...
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    Tech help please?

    Each time someone responds or adds to a thread I posted in, it`s notifying me in my email. Is there any way to disable this please? I went into the User CP and clicked and saved the no notification thingy, but it`s still sending to my mail. :confused:
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    Age Related Dancing?

    Hi, I`m middle aged, and have only been dancing (self taught) for just over a year. I have arthritis in the bones at the base of my neck, and so in many of the dance dvd`s, the bits where you have to circle your head or toss your hair from side to side are virtually impossible for me. Don`t get...
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    Costume advice for busty dancers

    Am new here, but am just going to wade in if that`s ok :D I`m fairly big UK size I`m a 28FF and because I`m (a) isolated and (b) poor, I`ve been having a go at making my own costumes. I convert ordinary bras into dance tops and have tried various things to do so...sewing coins onto...
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    Hello From The Middle Of Nowhere!

    Hi, I`m Oresai. I live on a small Orkney island in the UK. I`ve been self teaching myself bellydancing for just over a year, and oh boy, still have a loooong way to go! :D There are no other dancers anywhere near me and even though I`ve tried to get a group going here on island, nobody is...