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  1. Chani

    Making Wings of Isis shorter?

    I have my satin chiffon Wings of Isis for sale and a fellow student is interested in purchasing them but she is quite a bit shorter than I am and they are way too long - by perhaps a foot. Her idea is to cut them shorter and hem them by hand along the edge. What do you all think? Doable? If...
  2. Chani

    Troupe Costume Challenge

    Im trying to think of our best options. The main thing is for them to be as cheap as possible because they might only be used the once. There are 4 of us. Two tall, slim, small bused, fair skinned women with red hair. Two short, brunette with curves who will definitely need a supportive top...
  3. Chani

    leather strap coming undone on sword

    Who are the people you would get to redo the leather strap on a sword handle? My local shop sells swords but doesn't offer this service and I'm having trouble finding anybody who sells wepons to do this for me. Perhaps I'm looking in the wrong place? Would a leatherworker be a better shot? I...
  4. Chani

    Dancing tops for large bust

    Does anybody have any recommendd sellers of larger cup bra sizes? Most sellers go up to DD only.
  5. Chani

    Bellydancing for Mother's Blessing

    Hello, I have been asked to dance for a mother-to-be at her mother's Blessing which is such an honour and wanted some advice. For those that don't know this is a ritual borrowed from the Navajo tribal people that Western women have adopted and modified - the original ritual is called a...
  6. Chani

    Photos of my daughter's performance

    She is 11 years old and has been dancing for a few years. This was an improvised dance for the guests at our end of year hafla. This is from the beginning - she started the dance with some veil. She did such a lovely job. Her Dad and sister and I were so proud.
  7. Chani

    Searching for song name

    It's a Saidi song and starts with a car not starting and men trying to get it started. Does this ring a bell to anybody?
  8. Chani

    Bellydance jokes

    Do you know any? Surely there must be some. I tried to make one up but I've got nothing.
  9. Chani

    Tribal Bible

    Does anybody have a copy they want to sell?
  10. Chani

    Looking for clip-on earrings for bellydancing

    Admin please move if this should be in the beauty section. I would love to wear earrings for dancing but almost all earrings I see that are glittery-dangly-bellydancey are for pierced ears. Does anybody know of an online seller of clip-on earings that might suit bellydancing? Clip-ons seem...
  11. Chani

    Performing for those who know zip about belly dance

    Hi Dancing Sisters and Brothers, I have a little performance coming up. I will be dancing for my Godmother at her 90th birthday party in her back yard. I'm very pleased she was interested in me dancing for her and her party and she has decided to keep me dancing a surprise from her guests...
  12. Chani

    Body hair on women

    Hi, What are everybody's thoughts on women having natural body hair. I personally think it's normal and natural and while I don't mine when it's removed I am realising that many people are repulsed by armpit hair or leg hair on a woman generally and on a dancer particularly. I asked my...
  13. Chani

    Chest shimmy vs shoulder shimmy

    What is the difference? I was ridiculed by a fellow dancer for not knowing what a chest shimmy is. I have been taught a shoulder shimmy but have never heard of a chest shimmy. Chani
  14. Chani

    Face Veil

    We are learning a chorie that has been performed years ago by other students in my Belly Dance School. Now we are reviving this chorie and will be expected to make and wear the same costume that the original troupe wore to perform this dance. The outfit is your standard bedlah, hot pink, and...
  15. Chani

    Movies with bellydance

    Hi, I have been trying to find a copy with English subtitles of the movie "Whatever Lola Wants". Has anybody seen this movie? I"m desperate to watch it. I did try watching it in French by my French sucks and I couldn't follow the plot at all so I'm hanging out for subtitles. I'd be...
  16. Chani

    I've been set homework

    I'm lerning a cane dance and my techer tells me I am stiff and really need to loosen up and relax doing this dance. She has set me homework of watching Youtube clips of cane dancing. Does anybody have any recomendations of good cane dances that have the right feel? Chani
  17. Chani

    Photos my hubby took of our performance

    Hi, I hope this is in the right section. I thought some of you might like to see the photos that my husband has taken of my dance school's performances. We are the Northern Beaches Belly Dance School based in Sydney, Australia. These photos are taken this year and last year at local...
  18. Chani

    Found an outfit but can't contact the shop - please help

    Hi Group, I hope is okay to mention specific costumers here. I have finally found what I want to buy as my first "real" belly dance costume. I love it. I got so excited. But now, alas, I get no answer from their e-mail and also no reply from their sister store that sells ballroom dancing...
  19. Chani

    Australian Belly Dance Costume Stores

    Here are some of my saved Aussie belly dance links. I'd love to hear other's recommended sites. Chani AUSTRALIAN SITES ONLINE BELLY DANCE STORES - Costumes & accessories: Zahira's Belly Dance Bazaar - Belly Dance Wear Zahira's Belly Dance Bazaar - Belly Dance Home Page Dancing nTiger Belly...
  20. Chani

    Looking for translation for Galalea by Abdul Majeed

    Hi Gang, I'm looking for translation for a Khaleegy song called Galalea by Abdul Majeed. It would be wonderful to know the words to the song I am dancing to. Thanks in advance. Chani