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  1. Asra*

    Testimonial for Aleya's Cairo Bellydance Cabaret Baladi Tour

    I went on Aleya’s Bellydance Cabaret Baladi Cairo tour in February 2016. It was a perfect mix of must-see destinations, local food and culture, and bellydance immersion! Aleya arranged everything - from the comfortable and friendly accommodations, to the outings, private dance classes with...
  2. Asra*

    Dancing with multiple veils - advice for reducing static/naughty veils?

    Hi all, I am working on a choreography for a myth-themed show so I'm doing Salome and her 7 veils. I've done double veil, both with silk and chiffon, but I've never tucked that many veils and I'm worried they are going to stick to each other. Has anyone danced with this many veils? Any...
  3. Asra*

    Testimonial for Eshta Oriental Dance Adventure in Luxor

    I recently returned from an unforgettable trip to Egypt, made possible by a couple of amazing women. I wanted to post testimonials about both of their dance tours because they deserve it, and because I was not able to find any such information when I was booking my trip and had to make a "leap...
  4. Asra*

    Brand New Red and Gold Madame Noussa - full costume $600

    REDUCED Brand New Red and Gold Madame Noussa - Now $450 Knowing me, of course my first post here would be on the swap meet :lol: Stunning brand new Madame Noussa. Only worn for pics, in perfect condition. Includes skirt with side cutout and mermaid gores, bra, 2 arm bands (asymmetrical)...
  5. Asra*

    Hello all!

    I just came from the Bhuz wake and I'm happy to find this forum. Gonna stick around and check out the community!
  6. Asra*

    Sahra Saeeda in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada for Journey Through Egypt 2 and Egyptian W

    Sahra Saeeda in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada for Journey Through Egypt 2 Nov.2011 Attention Canadian and Midwest Dancers! Sahra Saeeda Kent World-renowned dancer, teacher, choreographer, and dance ethnographer, and her "Journey through Egypt" certification course, Level 2, November 25 – 27...
  7. Asra*

    Cassandra Shore Workshops in Winnipeg, Canada May 7-9, 2010!

    Hello all, Winnipeg is proud to host Cassandra of Minneapolis for workshops and a gala show May 7-9. Workshops will include: Friday evening (3 hrs instruction) - Technique tuneup for Teachers & Professionals Hone your skills with a true master teacher! Cassandra has a proven record of...
  8. Asra*

    Sahra Saeeda in Winnipeg, Canada Sept 1-6. Journey Through Egypt course and more

    When: Sept 1-6, 2009 Where: Gas Station Theatre; Korol Studio; Rising Star Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada (1 hour drive from ND border) Email Contact: Sahra Saeeda Kent, renowned teacher, superb dancer and respected dance ethnographer in a weeklong series of performances...
  9. Asra*

    Hadia in Winnipeg, Manitoba for Teacher Training and Workshops Oct 16-20

    Nicola & Fire in the Belly Productions Present... Canada's own Master dancer, teacher, and choreographer, Hadia is returning to Winnipeg, Manitoba, for Orientale and Folklore workshops and TEACHER TRAINING LEVEL 2! There will be an earlier deadline for registering for Teacher Training so we...