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  1. Daimona

    Belly dancing in rural areas

    Hi and welcome to our forum, Florina! If your friend loves to dance, I would encourage her to keep on dancing. If classes are hard to come by and travel budget/possibilities are limited, but internet connection is ok, how about investing in online lessons/skype tuition with personal feedback...
  2. Daimona

    2020 World Weather Thread

    A beautiful winter day. 0C, a tiny breeze and warming sun. All day. Perfect for skiing, ice skating and other winter outdoors activities. 🎿
  3. Daimona

    Difficult Songs

    Many good points from Tourbeau here. I've struggled most with music that didn't apply to the style(s) I'm used to (such as in fusion numbers) when I had to make group choreographies to the music. Otherwise I struggle with flat pop tunes in general as I'm very fond of musical layers and...
  4. Daimona

    2020 World Weather Thread

    Extreme low pressure around here today. Several flights have been cancelled because of it because the instruments aren't working properly (!) and the sea level is much higher than normal. Other than that, heavy rains and wind howling around the corners.
  5. Daimona

    2020 World Weather Thread

    I spent the day on the roof shovelling snow off the roof (quite heavy snow fall the last week. Glittering snow crystals im the sun, partly cloudy and temperatures +/-1°C. Had to change location on the roof several times because of strong wind from various directions (trying to toss the snow...
  6. Daimona

    2020 World Weather Thread

    Wet and boring weather today. Rain/snow/slush and some wind. Not tempting to go outside.
  7. Daimona

    How to do the shimmy?

    Lots of great advice here already. As for practicing lower/upper abs, do it while lying on your back. Try to relax in one part when the other part is working. And then don't forget to breath. When you get the hang of it, try to breath normally and not letting the ab work get in the way.
  8. Daimona

    Input on the future of

    Do what is best for you, keep it simple and within budget.
  9. Daimona

    Left handed

    Why should't it be acceptable to dance with a cane in your left hand?
  10. Daimona

    Moving to a new hosting provider

    Will cross my fingers for a smooth transition and as little downtime as possible. ?
  11. Daimona

    2020 World Weather Thread

    And it is time for a new weather thread. The last couple of days have been hitting some warm weather temperature records for January (I had to get my spring jacket), but today temperature have dropped and is pivoting at 0C. It is snowing. It is blowing. And it is the first storm hitting us...
  12. Daimona

    Change the color of this forum - How to

    For some reason I only get two options, as default also seems to be brown.
  13. Daimona

    Holiday greetings 2019

    Yes! Yes! Happy new year, everyone!
  14. Daimona

    Instructional DVDs

    Welcome! I suspect the system update is to blame. However, the old threads and posts should be here and thereby be available through the search function or if you search through the various subforums.
  15. Daimona

    Holiday greetings 2019

    So.. it is Christmas Eve, and I suppose it is time to wish you all Merry Christmas as well. :) ?
  16. Daimona

    Holiday greetings 2019

    We'll beat you on in the summer, tough. In 6 months, in won't get really dark and we'll only have a few hours of twilight at "night" and if you stay really up north, you'll forget to go to bed because the sun is up. :LOL: Choir concert, btw.
  17. Daimona

    Holiday greetings 2019

    Ok, I might have been a day late, but I was indisposed yesterday because I had a big performance (concert) to focus on.
  18. Daimona

    Holiday greetings 2019

    Happy winter solstice! I'm looking forward to more light in the months to come. Only 4.5 h of daylight today.
  19. Daimona

    Azza Sherif, Egypt

    Folkloric would be more correct than cabaret. I couldn't watch it with sound on, but the last part of the title "Traditional tableaux tunisie", i.e. Tunisian tableau is a nice hint. From the little I know of Tunisian dance it isn't too far off, but then I'm no expert in Tunisian folk dances...
  20. Daimona

    help to identify a tribal music

    Sorry. No idea about the music.