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  1. Yasmine Bint Al Nubia

    Now That's What I Call A Bellyroll!

    YouTube - Simone Merke Nóbrega - YOGA - NAULI 2 :shok::rolleyes: Yasmine
  2. Yasmine Bint Al Nubia

    Russian,Korean, Brazillian et al...

    Hello Ladies and gents, We ofetn discuss various styles of oriental dance, i.e. Egyptian, Turkish, Lebanese and American style. But what about other style that have been transported to Russia or Korea? Do you think there is a different approach to styling exhibited by dancers from other...
  3. Yasmine Bint Al Nubia

    In the News!

    Hi, I'm surprised to see our school featured in an article on this site!!! We were interviewed by the Cleveland Plain dealer last month and we all rushed out to grab our copies of the paper. Lo and behold, the story was picked up by USAToday. That's me in the red dress! I'm glad how well the...
  4. Yasmine Bint Al Nubia

    Della & Delilah

    Hello Dance Family, I guess this is the best place to post this: I went to Victoria's Secret today and was officially measured for a bra. It seems the girls are getting too big for their harness and I kept wondering why my costume bras didn't fit right. Well, not brag or sulk about it, I've gone...
  5. Yasmine Bint Al Nubia

    BellyQueen In Akron

    Hi Everyone, Last night I attended the BellyQueen show that is currently touring limited city engagements. A local teacher sponsored a workshop with a show and hafla. While this is not a critical review the following are just my impressions of the show. First, it was nice to see our small BD...
  6. Yasmine Bint Al Nubia

    Why are we so afraid to....

    ....stand up for ourselves when the world wants to turn us into doormats? I've read two separate threads, in which the poster was in a difficult social situation. I came way with the impression that somehow it is rude to offend the very people that treats others with disrespect. Why my sisters...
  7. Yasmine Bint Al Nubia


    Ok my beautiful people, here's my rant. I currently have 3 classes at the time all within the first 12 weeks of our Beginner A curriculum. This is the first time I've had classes of students who do nothing but walk upright. The greatest frustration is coming from the students themselves and it's...
  8. Yasmine Bint Al Nubia

    Darbouka Tabla Solo

    Hi , I found this clip of a 16 yr old drummer. Based on his profile he is from Germany and very prolific. His technique reminds me of jazz free style just flowing out on a stream of conscious. Yasmine
  9. Yasmine Bint Al Nubia

    Article-Is Bellydance For Everyone?

    Hi Everyone, I read the article mentioned in the title on Hip Circle and it's posted here on the forum as well. The author touched on several subjects that has coincided with some of my own observations. What are your thoughts when you read the article? For me, most of our students are...
  10. Yasmine Bint Al Nubia

    Is This Mona Said?

    Hi Friends, Is this Mona Said? A while back Maria was searching for a clip of her. The comments section indicated that it was Mona, it's a clip form the 80's. In any event I love her presentation and costume and the subtle nuances of her dance. Enjoy c3ZyhwwAhlY...
  11. Yasmine Bint Al Nubia

    Wood Spider on Drugs!!!!!

    Ok This sooo Off Topic, I thought I'd post it here . An envrinmental clip on the life of the Wood Spider...On drugs.JyOl5zrJx8g Yasmine and her daughter Aaliyah
  12. Yasmine Bint Al Nubia

    James Brown and Hakim-Leila

    Hi Everyone, Browsing around in bhuz and found this clip posted by another member. In 2004 the Godfather of Soul and the Prince of Shaabi sang a duet called Leila. Apparently it is featured on one of Hakim's album. I grew up listening to James Brown and everybody copied his moves(we called it...
  13. Yasmine Bint Al Nubia

    Zorba's early days...

    Hi Zorba, Can you tell us what your experiences were when you first started taking classes? Yasmine
  14. Yasmine Bint Al Nubia

    Yay Male Student!

    Hi Brothers, I was just notified by my teacher/boss that my next new class will have the school's first male student. Although I don't plan to teach him any differently than the female students, do any of you have any tips to share? Thanks Yasmine
  15. Yasmine Bint Al Nubia

    Neena and Veena

    Hi Everyone, Drew Carey hosts an improvisational comedy/talent show called "Who's Line Is it Anyway?". In this clip Neena and Veena are guests artists and the two guys have to come up with a song while they dance . It's hilarious!:lol: . Like many of you Neena and Veena were my first video dance...
  16. Yasmine Bint Al Nubia

    Fantasy Fusion-Bodybuilding and Bellydance?

    Hi All, Dipali isn't the only one to post weird and weirder vids!:lol: This is from a bodybuilding contest and I think this is the portion of "talent". Keep in mind in no way is this authentic but a odd fusion of dance and hard muscle poses. Her butt so taut she can screw a lid off a jar!:lol...
  17. Yasmine Bint Al Nubia

    BDSS Vol. IV and Desert Roses Vol. IV

    Hi All, I just bought the latest CD's from the Copeland group. To tell you the truth, I'm not that impressed with any of the selections. There is so much modern mixing and Western style percussion beats. The first 3 volumes were at least compiled by the dancers themselves and included some...
  18. Yasmine Bint Al Nubia


    Do you like Tahtib? I do, but I've always had a feeling of deja vu when watching a perfromance and last night I finally connected the dots:D First performance is a solo Tahtib.Enjoy 6cjVt0sj5U0 Second video is a performance of African- American Greek Fraternity-Kappa Alpha Psi peforming in a...
  19. Yasmine Bint Al Nubia

    Hardest Working Man On The Forum

    Who holds this title? Anatoliy, that's who. Let's highlight the man behind the scenes who's dedicated in keeping our forum running smoothly. So Anatoliy this your time to shine, tell us a bit about yourself .And from all of us thank you very much for all of your hard work...
  20. Yasmine Bint Al Nubia

    Samra Ya Samra

    Ok here's a translation I need from our specialists. I have two versions of this song, but would love to have it translated. Anyone know the lyrics, composer of Samra Ya Samra? Thanks. Yasmine