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    Classic Egyptian

    Hi, I'm looking for classic Egyptian pieces; the long ones, mixing several rhythms, would you mind to suggest me some?
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    HI! I'm looking the author of a Egyptian classical piece of 7:04 minutes. The problem is that maybe I have misspelled the name: Zina, Zhina, Zinha, Zihna, Zinah. Do you have any idea?
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    Pieces for a "classical entrance"

    Which pieces are cataloged as "classical entrance"? Just fund a reference about a piece called "Hani" from the CD Egyptian Cabaret Music [Judy Jihan Reda (Performer)], but need more.
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    My teacher is introducing us into Middle Eastern music's :think:; we started with rhumba and bolero (dum dum tak tak); we need to find a musical piece of each one. would you recommend some that you have clearly identify as either boleros or rhumbas?
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    Visiting Seattle WA

    Next week I'll visit Seattle city and would like to get belly dance stuff hard to get in Mexico, do you know any good store near to 206 Western Ave W?
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    Reda Darwish

    Is there any reliable site from where I could buy the last cd of Reda Darwish? :think:
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    The web site???

    What happened to the website???:shok:
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    Does any one have the lyrics of Lirrili by Amina?
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    Adoration to Isis

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    Besides chiffon which other fabric is recommended for belly dance veils?
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    Bellydance meets Riverdance

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    Dahab & Tony Mouzayek

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    Tony Mouzayek (Egipt 2007)

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    Belly Dance scenes in "O Clone"

    jLLNshHEM0A&NR=1 A3xl7C77mfw 2xkOlGzoeWM I love the belt here she is using. LjAMdXj0IaI e0a2yH07K8I
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    Which steps are more difficult for you?

    I'm getting desperate because the vertical eights are not working for me :(; I try and try but just can't get the motion as it is arrggh!!! is frustrating :mad:
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    Interesting DVDs on Amazon Learn Drum Solo Technique & Choreography with Sadie - Belly Dance Lesson DVD: DVD "Technique and Choreography The drum solo is one of the most exciting portions of the belly dance performance - it's when the dancer can really show off her stuff! The drum solo showcases the belly...
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    Sadie's Belly Dance

    :shok: YouTube - Sadie BellyDance
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    Darbouka dvd

    Does exist any instructional dvd to learn how to play darbouka?
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    My first belly dance costume

    Hello, this is my first belly dance I get, please give me your comments to see if I can improve it :)