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  1. Fatima

    I'm looking for a song...

    It has some goat, cat and other farm animal sounds. It's the second song the Sahlala Dancers danced to (with sticks) in IAMED's Third Belly Dance Awards. I'd like to know the song's title, artist, CD title and where to buy it. Thanks for any help.
  2. Fatima

    Accomodations for Yousry Sharif's Weeklong Seminar

    Has somebody been to one of these? Do you know where I can find an affordable hotel close to the event? BTW, does somebody know where it takes place? I haven't been to NYC in a while so I've no idea where to start looking for a hotel. Would somebody help me, please?
  3. Fatima

    Zuel, a Spanish bellydancer

    Zuel is a Spanish male bellydancer and a sought after instructor. Hope you enjoy his performance. (Look at the blond girl reaction). U9vfMQPIbf0
  4. Fatima

    Pregnant Bellydancers

    There's a thread in the Off-Topic forum that inspired this one. It is the Belly Dancing when Pregnant?? by sweetescape83. I hope you enjoy these videos with pregnant bellydancers: Tribal Dream: rBKCra9Oxnc Tamara: eojJ1yzpl4g Malia: RUbQ-MiKXyY Zeina: g_iRjhzh69Y Narah: iGSTqvputf8
  5. Fatima

    Kids in the classroom

    I'm having a situation at school. One of my classmates is a single mother and she brings her pre-teen son to class. He's a pain in the neck. For me taking a bellydance class is a very personal thing, it gets me in touch with myself and my classmates and this kid's breaking this "bond" you make...
  6. Fatima


    I don't know if somebody posted this videos. Sorry for the double post if somebody did. If not just "enjoy" them. During our time off I spent too much time on YouTube and found these beauties. They show a mix between bellydance and raeggeton. I know there are dancers doing this kind of fusion...
  7. Fatima

    Negoum Relax-in 2 track list

    Can any body tell me the track list (title of songs and artist names) for the CD "Negoum Relax-in" Vol. 2? The track list is in Arabic and I've have no idea what is said. Thanks. Would this forum moderator move this thread to the music forum? I meant to ask the question there.
  8. Fatima

    DVD Reviews in Spanish

    Hi! In the late Spanish forum I posted some reviews for a couple of DVDs. I've been contemplating the idea of reposting those reviews somewhere and finally decided to put a blog with them. You can visit Fátima Baila, to read the reviews and leave your comments. You can tell your Spanish...
  9. Fatima

    When a gimmick is annoying

    I recently met a dancer who sang every single song she danced to. I know that's some kind of a gimmick and I've seen several dancers doing it (Rania, Virginia), but with this particular dancer I was so annoyed. The first time she sang was kind of cute, the second was tiresome, but the third was...
  10. Fatima

    Help me ID some songs

    Hi: My teacher gave me some CDs with the music we use on the troupe. How can I post some clips for people to listen to and help me Id the songs' titles and artists? Thanks for any help, Fatima.
  11. Fatima

    OMG, I think I created a monster

    When I started taking BD classes my sister, who's very stubborn, showed an interest. Since she doesn't live close to a big city where she can take classes I decided to lent her some of my DVDs to see if she actually likes it and then convince her to make the almost two hours trip to the nearest...