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    Ok, I seem to have lost my lower abdominals, it's my fault, I don't pay enough attention to them. Where exactly should I be pulling from? What stretches are best for loosening them up

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    the text book answer- i dont know, but what i do works for me so here it is.

    pelvic tilts normal or against the wall. for the wall ones, sink down into a small squat. everything is flat on the wall, from head to pelvis, shoulders are back, pelvis tucked, NO arch in back... roll your pelvis off the wall and keep rolling until it makes a straight line with your quads. do not release but control the movement back down to the wall. the slower you go the more shaking and lengthening you will feel in the lower abs, giving no doubt to where your lower abs are located.

    concentrate to not do an arc/scoop of the hips. that hits higher up on the abs. its a different move. in addition i practice the umi/omi/ami. and the all 4's move. plus you can do leg lifts.

    and dont quote me on this but i think suhaila recommends butt raises. does anyone know?

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