Some vids of us playing for belly dancers at the Pink Ribbon Hafla in Ohio last weekend. The dumbek player is Dave Hergert from Snakes Rising

il Troubadore & Kristi Renee (of PURE--Cincinatti branch, and Snakes Rising).
We're improvising in Maqsuum (as if you all couldn't tell! :P ). Click on image to view the video.

more here:
Tunak Tunak with one of our frequent collaborators, Carenza bint Asya:

a Baladii improv started by Dave with dancer Laura Smith:

Sensitive (il Troubadore original; lyrics and music by Robert and Jon) with Myztique Illusions, a tribal fusion troupe based in Dayton. The troupe hadn't heard a recording of this yet, but as you can see their choreography was really nice. They are a wonderful ensemble and seemed to work so naturally together--the ending is a little shaky which is to be expected: