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    Quote Originally Posted by adiemus View Post
    Twisting and bending is the only movement combination that is known to increase the risk of disc prolapse. So...if you were doing a backbend, and maybe lost balance and tried to twist to use your hands to catch you, you might risk getting into this position.
    The other time might be if you were in forward flexion and twisting - but this is less of a problem IMHO.
    Forwarding bending with a lever ie taking all the weight on a couple of joints - especially a problem for people who take the bend in the lower back rather than the hip joints can be an issue.

    There is also the problem of over "stretching" ligaments. Ligaments don't actually stretch - they micro-tear and heal. They end up longer without the bounce back and can't then do their job of holding everything in place. Okay - so not as bad as a wrecked disk - but when those vertebrae go floating about and pinch where they shouldn't it is extremely painful! (In my case it caused pain for almost 2 years until I found someone who could help me re-train my back muscles - together with my TAs)

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    Default Again-thanks Kashmir!

    I can relate to that! I was very surprised that some teachers just ask you to dip your head down (as in a variation of big hip circles). Is there a way of doing this safely? is it enough to try and contract your belly muscles? and how can I transfer the impact from the lower spine into the hip bones? Im curious to know what helped you... thanks once more for sharing this!!

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