It is so nice to read all your stories on the first solo. I did mine when I had about one year of troupe performance experience. The setting was rather comfortable - it was on a concert in one of the dance camps. So, the audience wasn't that big and I had my fellow dancers sitting at the "stage" behind me, so every time I did a turn, I found encouraging looks.

Of course, I was nervous. I w so sure I'd mess up the choreography, step on my skirt, an asteroid would hit etc But it went just nicely... When the music started, then dancing itself took all my attention, so I didn't have the time to be nervous... And after it was over, it left such a great feeling.

Well, back then I didn't know that the wonderful thing about solos is that when something goes wrong, in most of the cases improvisation does the trick And, I stronlgy believe that a little nervousness only contributes to a great performance.