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Hey kids, I'm not a brilliant intro poster but here it goes! I'm Jessica, I studied ballet (and jazz and modern to a lesser extent) growing up and well into college through recreational dance programmes at my university, Dalhousie University (at Dal Dance, I did ballet, of course, and experimented with belly dancing with a great lass called Allison King- anybody know where she is? I don't think she's in the city anymore...). When I persued my second degree, I fell out of dance and missed it greatly. Now that I'm out of school and have (some) disposable income, I'm dancing again, studying under a sensational teacher! I really missed dance community and socialization, so I'm hoping to advance enough in my belly dancing to have enough confidence to participate in performance opportunities, I really miss the stage.
I have heard some really fabulous things about this lady. I'm thinking of paying a visit to Halifax sometime in the next year so I will definitely be seeing what she's up to.