Thank you everyone for the support. =] I've been enjoying myself quite a bit. Sorry for my inactivity for a bit there, I get busy sometimes.

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Hi Luna. I too have practiced by watching Shimmy on FitTV. Shimmy seems to be a tough way to learn since they only made a handful of episodes and it's a new set of moves in each show. Youtube might be a better way to practice although I haven't tried youtube myself. I'm just saying from my experience watching Shimmy it's been a more difficult way to learn. Then again I seem to pick up a little of moves each time I watch that show,so no one will flame you. When this website still had a chatroom, I had met a few people who just learned from watching belly dance lessons on home video.
I actually really like the show. They describe the moves well, and since my boyfriend has TiVo in his room, I've gotten 8 episodes recorded so far, and I'm constantly keeping an eye out for ones I don't have yet. I love how they include stretches in the beginning, and remind you to maintain good posture. Since they only do a few moves per episode, they are able to go more in depth about the movement for each one. I prefer that to getting a lot of information jammed in my head at once, then trying to retain at least some of it. I don't think it's complete on it's own, especially for people who wish to become serious dancers, but it's a good spot for people like me who are just learning for fun.