Dear all,

the last time I gave a class was before a went to Egypt, and that is now becoming 2 years....
I am now in France and have an opportunity to teach ... knowing that I spent one year in Egypt training with the Reda troupe, and dancing at the Reda Yassin folkloric troupe (and I am still a soloist of this troupe, going back to Egypt in June), how much do you think I should ask for a class?
Before, I usually taught either privates or small groups (3 people)...
I have no idea now how much I should ask for a normal class as well as for a private class, knowing also that the place I will be teaching at is not in centre Paris but in the suburbs that means at least 45minutes of transport.

Thank you very much in advance for any input
(it is quite urgent, I need to respond to the offer as soon as possible)