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    Quote Originally Posted by khanjar View Post
    The Wind Of Change as it applies to this website, for it has changed and I suppose periodically does change but as I have noticed, usually after there has been a big squabble about something or other, which usually is in or around the same old subject, I will leave others to define that.

    But I have noticed in recent weeks I hardly pop in here, anymore where in the past, it was a usual daily visit, I visited, because I enjoyed being here, there was much of interest to read and participate in, but not so much lately, the last couple of months I would say.

    I don't know, perhaps it is me, but I feel there is an air of tension here now where there was not before, it feels like people are unwilling to comment on some subjects for they know where it most likely will end up and they do not want to be seen as part of it.

    I have left for a long period once before, and fear I am doing the same again, maybe it is natural, maybe I need a break, maybe this site is failing to appeal anymore, if the latter, it saddens me, as this was a great place to be.

    Does anyone else feel the change and have similar thoughts, and more importantly, have they an idea of what the problem is, and can it be made better ?

    Has anyone noticed who used to be here regularly and has in recent months ceased to be so, I for one cannot believe everyone is just busy doing other things.
    Different people want different things from a forum.. I think this forum used to have a lot more depth from discussions and certainly some great members seem to have disappeared.

    It is more of a place for people to come for advice now rather than a place of discussion or 'cud chewing'.
    Whilst there were some very heated debates.. it is what brought people here and gave people food for thought.

    There is another forum with many members from here, who do have very indepth discussions about this dance and surprisingly nobody is defensive or ever get into fights...

    I will pm you with the details...or anyone else if they are interested. I just dont think it's right to advertise other forums on a forum.

    People usually do a few anyway as each forum offers something different.
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    I suppose with other places people migrate to, how they conduct themselves is different, for they have learned bad behaviour doesn't work, perhaps it is people have got over their teething problems and just wish to communicate without aggression.

    I for one feel the need to ponder something where I may engage in my forte of deep thinking and analysis of situations, by it, I learn and even question myself where necessary and if I find myself to be incorrect, with the new knowledge I will modify my understanding as it is my sole wish to just understand, not conquer.

    Perhaps what I have seen here whilst lurking these past few months, is not the depth I require, so the interest quickly wanes, but with my interest in rakkase, comes other culture interest of the regions involved, I do not confine my interests to dance alone, and even the culture interest has now leaked into my college degree studies, the direction I have it seems chosen originates with Oriental admiration, so I need something more than dance to ponder.

    I still dance, well, I am still learning to dance, but recognising my inabilities, I now expect it will take time and patience, which is fine for me, as I am very patient, and have even been commended on my performance, something which goes well with me, it seems I need critique and as a result the feed back empowers my faith in the dance and myself.

    Thank You Caroline.

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